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   Chapter 374 You're Going To Die

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"She?" Apathy washed over Tina's face, as she looked completely unmoved by Leona, like she was insignificant and unworthy of Tina's time.

When Leona noticed that Mark had called his bodyguards on her, she went berserk. She pounced on the car and starting slapping on the windshield. Her eyes flashed with anger and she screamed, "Tina, don't you hate Emily? How about we work together towards a common goal? We can work together to kill that bitch. What do you say?"

Before she could get an answer from Tina, Mark pulled her away from the car, as he didn't want her to touch Tina with her filthy hands. "Get out of the way," Mark ordered.

Tina was amused by her conviction and answered, "Why did you think that I would accept your offer? Oh, I see. Emily put you up to this, didn't she? You piece of shit! Why would I even work with a loser like you?"

Moreover, Tina didn't get enough from her game. She didn't want Emily dead now.

"As long as Emily dies, I will do anything you ask of me. We have the same enemy, don't we?" asked Leona. Leona was acting out of pure desperation, otherwise she wouldn't have come to Tina to humiliate herself. Tina was the only person left for Leona to hold on to.

"You want to be my weapon for killing Emily?" Tina sneered at Leona and continued, "But you are not worthy."

Having been scorned and mocked by the proud woman with the same face as Emily's, Leona lost her patience and went off her trolley eventually. A burning animosity developed in her eyes as she glared at Tina.

"Emily! Go to hell! You bitch!" Leona yelled.

With a sudden pounce, Leona growled and her hands fastened on Tina's throat. Leona stretched out her right hand, covered in sewage sludge and went for Tina's pretty face with her long nails.

In a tempestuous outburst of rage, all the dormant strength in Leona's body broke out, and her movements were too quick for even Mark to anticipate. By the time when Mark got to Leona, she had already established a few shocking lacerations of Tina's face.

Mark kicked Leona away as fast as he could.

This time Mark threw his body weight behind his kick and ploughed into her stomach, sending her a rolling a few meters to the ground. Pain erupted from the point of impact, as blood pooled into her mouth and dripped from both nostrils.

"Tina! Are you all right?" Mark anxiously checked the scratches on Tina's face.

pression on Jacob.

'What are you waiting for, Mr. Jacob?

Why aren't you trying to make your wife and daughter stay here with you?' the old housekeepers wondered.

They became so anxious that they almost spoke out those words for Jacob.

"All right!" Beryl answered, looking a little upset. She looked up at Jacob, who was standing next to her, and reached out her little hand to hold his thumb. "Thank you, cute uncle. And..."

Beryl turned around to bow to the housekeepers and the other maids, and continued, "Thanks to all of you. Now I need to go home with mommy. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime."

The housekeepers and the maids froze up.

'Wait, what, what did she call Mr. Jacob?'

'Cute uncle?'

'So, Beryl is not Mr. Jacob's daughter? Oh, that makes sense.'

They all felt sorry for Jacob, and then turned around to look at Emily. 'Mr. Jacob loved Miss Emily so much, even the woman he likes now looks exactly like Miss Emily. He even took this woman's daughter as his own.'

While they were lost in thoughts, a noise coming from outside drew their attention away. It sounded like the voice of a woman.

"Why won't you let me in? I'm Jennifer Jiang! I'm looking for Jacob!"

"Miss Jiang, you are not allowed to be here!"

"I'm not allowed? What the hell are you talking about? Don't you know who I am? Now let me in!"

Emily curiously walked towards the commotion and found that Jennifer, who was in a mess, forced herself into the house. All of a sudden, the two women locked gazes and the air around them intensified. War was about to break out.

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