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   Chapter 373 I'd Advise You Not to Love Me, If You Can

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7952

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Mr. and Mrs. Tao lived in another place not too far away, so the only occupants of this villa were Mark, Tina and a few maidservants.

All servants in this villa were well trained to play dumb about Tina and Mark's behavior and to keep silent about their secrets.

Tina was sitting lazily at the table while Mark fed her food affectionately. She revelled at her newly painted nails and casually said to Mark, "You know, I have been home for a long time now."

Mark understood what she meant and said, "Don't you enjoy staying at home? It's dangerous outside."

"Dangerous? But if I stay at home every day, no one will see my beautiful face," she said. Tina ran her fingers over her face, which was looked exactly like Emily's and continued, "As for Emily, how dare she..."

"What did she do to you?" Mark asked nervously.

"Nothing," Tina answered quickly. She did not want to worry Mark about it.

Tina recalled her memories from that past when Emily grabbed her by the throat arrogantly and disrespected her. She fondly remembered how the feeling of suffocation got her excitement at that moment.

Tina had to admit that Emily was quite different from before. This really raised her interest. Though Emily was not so weak as before, still she craved to see how Emily kneed at her feet and wiped her shoes. She wanted to try something more interesting this time.

'That would be interesting, very interesting, indeed, ' Tina imagined in her mind.

Mark understood that Tina did not want to tell him so he squinted his eyes at her and asked gently, "What do you plan to do about your painting from yesterday?"

"Oh, you mean that..." Tina thought about the black and gloomy eyes of a young woman and continued, "Bury her alive somewhere you like."

"Okay," Mark answered and continued feeding her.

On second thought, Tina changed her mind and said, "No. Let her be. Besides, I worked so hard on that painting, it would be a waste to throw it away."

"All right," he said. Most of the time, Mark would agree to all her requests.

But still, Tina was not satisfied as she knew that Mark only wanted to keep her locked up at home.

As a result, no matter how absurd her requests are, whether it was painting with human blood or on a human body, Mark granted all her wishes without hesitation.

This kept Tina temporarily occupied and happy.


ons," she answered. Tina took the advantage and asked, " What did you want to do just now? Rebellion?"

"Do you feel frightened by me?" he asked anxiously. Mark tried to kiss her lips, but missed as Tina turned around right before he could come close. Mark shook his head with disappointment and said, "Fine, I will make it up to you."

Tina turned around happily and said, "I want to go out...hmm..."

Mark finally kissed her lips gently and said, "I will accompany you."

Tina hated Mark's desire for control, but she played along. She knew she wouldn't have the chance to go after Emily since Mark was going to accompany her, but at least she could get out of the house for sometime. "Fine," she agreed.

Satisfied, Mark returned the favor with another deep kiss.

Tina's punishment did not arrive as the servants thought it would. Half an hour later, Tina changed into something nice and went out with Mark.

On their way out, a dark figure rushed out from the side and stood in front of their car.

"Tina! I know you are in the car!"

The woman's hoarse voice made Tina feel uncomfortable and she lowered her window to see who it was.

The woman had ingrained dirt on her frown line and the filth on her long and shabby clothes was apparent even from a distance. She looked just like a beggar from the streets. She was so bony that most people would think of death just by looking at her.

"Don't look at her," said Mark, as he did not want Tina to feel disgusted by the woman. "She was once called Rose, but she goes by the name Leona now," he explained.

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