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   Chapter 369 Men Always Wanted More

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Leona's rosy cheeks turned deathly pale. She screamed in a panic, "No, no! It's impossible! That's a lie, I can't be positive, I just can't.."

"The result's right here on the palm of my hand. See for yourself if you refuse to see the truth," said Magee indifferently. Magee threw the fateful diagnosis and proclaimed in a cold voice that turned Leona's voice ice cold, "Regardless, I will not let you give birth to my child, even if you weren't infected with the disease."

Leona stared blankly at the result. Her eyes displayed a dying flame and her mouth trembled but could not utter a word.

'Why? Why has it come to this…' Leona screamed in her thoughts.

"Someone was looking out for you, someone who'd rather not see you die so soon, so you'd better take good care of yourself." said Magee. He savored the look of despair on her face for a while, and then turned around to go. He added, his back turned, "You'd better not try to escape."

' Escape? Where can I possible escape from here?' Leona couldn't help asking herself in mind.

Watching Magee's silhouette disappear from the door, Leona's tearduct finally burst.

Four years ago, Magee saved Leona's life. Since that moment, Leona totally lost herself and fell in love with him. All she wanted was to stay with him which now has become an increasingly costly wish.

It was true that Leona was despicable and she did a lot of terrible things, but she never once did anything to harm Magee.

Magee gave Leona everything she wanted, except the one thing she craved the most - love.

And now Leona was left with nothing. She was violated by those men, lost her baby, and now infected with HIV. The former two she could cope with, but the last one denied her the chance to be with Magee forever…

' Is this divine retribution?

No! Destiny is just a excuse for the weak. I won't give up so easily! Even if I lose my life, I'll drag Emily down to hell with me!' Leona screamed in her turbulent thoughts.

The sun was high in the sky signaling high noon, its rays shone on the adorned walls of the presidential suite at the Red Fortune seven-starred hotel. The only one of its kind in the country.

The light and comfy heat touched Emily cheek, causing her to wake up. She stared

ly just stared speechless at him and then eventually answered, "Give me time to think about this, okay?" "I have to consider this offer carefully so that the decision would be fair for everyone. Both of us are too caught up at the moment, let's calm down first…

Oh, and thank you for saving my life," she added.

Jacob felt like a bucket of cold water was dumped over him. The passionate flame in his heart suddenly started to weaken.

For Emily, last night was just accident, a setback given yesterday's circumstances. However, for Jacob, it meant warmth and love.

Jacob couldn't help but feel upset and it showed. He pursed his lips with his hands on his waist and bowed his head. He then said, "Have a bite first and I'll take you to get checked up. If the result shows that you're okay, I'll take you to see Beryl."

Emily thought better than to refuse him and just said, "Okay."

She dared not look into his eyes for they contained too much love. It made her breathless.

Emily devoured the breakfast in a short time, not realizing how hungry she was until she took the first bite. After the hearty meal, a woman doctor came over to do a full examination of Emily. When they were sure that nothing was wrong, Jacob took her to see Beryl as promised.

Meanwhile, Beryl was clueless about everything as she was having the time of her life at the Tyrone Mansion. The butler saw Beryl as Jacob's child so he was elated to cater to the child's every need. He even gave her a piggyback ride.

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