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   Chapter 367 Give Me a Hug

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9910

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The aphrodisiacs surged through those men's veins, pushing their libidos into overdrive. All logic left them as they were now slaves to their based desires. They all held the struggling Emily and pinned her to the cold ground. They rubbed their sweaty bodies on Emily's pristine white skin, to satisfy their cravings, like hungry wolves, whose only desire was to enter her sacred grove.

Taking the time to properly tie up Emily's hands and feet, those men were in pain from their extreme ecstasy. Emily couldn't move at all, she was securely bound. She felt powerless and weak. All she could do was witness the dark hands touch her body disgustingly. Their dark color was a stark contrast against her skin. All she felt was pure hatred.

'Am I really going to be violated by these bastards today?'

When she was about to give up all hope and resign herself to her fate, the door of the abandoned warehouse flung open, apparently kicked down. A stream of light poured in and a man's silhouette was outlined on the pavement.

'Someone's coming. Am I hearing things? Please be someone. Please. Maybe then I can actually be saved, ' Emily pleaded in the safe haven of her inner thoughts.

Emily squinted and tried to get a better view of the door. She tried to figure out who brought down the door, but the mass of bodies around her blocked her view.

At this point, the dark ones had already abandoned all sense of reason and have been completely consumed by the aphrodisiacs. They were now acting on their most primal instinct - to breed. Even when an unexpected intruder broke into the place, they did not notice, and continued to tear into Emily's clothes.

"Get your filthy hands off her!" A roar of rage reverberated through the abandoned warehouse. It came from behind them and if they hadn't noticed the audible bang of the door being kicked down, they definitely heard the murderous howl of the madman they just met eyes with when they turned around to check.

Before they could even react, the figure rushed at them expertly, like a cheetah hounding its prey. He clenched his fists and delivered a flurry of blows at each of the men surrounding Emily. He took them down with the most minimal effort.

"Ja..Jacob?" Leona turned pale as a ghost as all color drained from her face. Her voice broke and she began to stammer. She immediately tossed the camera aside and turned to run out of the warehouse. But her futile attempt to escape was foiled by Jacob's men.

Emily lay on the ground, now in a fetal position. Her clothes were in tatters from the way the men savagely tore at them, revealing her milky white skin. There were visible scratches and abrasions on her body, the sight of which Jacob winced. His heart ached from seeing Emily being treated like an animal.

After making sure the dark men were all subdued, Jacob swiftly took of his coat and spread it to cover Emily's vulnerable body. Then he quickly cut the rope that was cutting

is hatred towards Leona and those men. It was almost equal to his love for Emily. He even began to think on how to dispose of them.

Now Emily's mind seemed to float. She felt her whole body burning with desire. Every fibre of her being was thirsty for pleasure, calling a strong man to satisfy her.

Jacob's hands were cold and made her feel comfortable. Unconsciously, her hand slowly made their way onto his hands, and pressed them harder on her cheek, rubbing his hands seductively. "I'm so upset…" she whispered.

Her soft voice was like a sweet melody, tugging at Jacob's heartstrings.

He swallowed hard and tried to suppress the fire burning in his loins. "Emily…"

The aphrodisiac that had driven those men crazy and made them into animals in here was now doing the same to Emily. She had completely forgotten about everything and the only thought in her mind was to get close to Jacob and get what she wanted.

"Hold me in your arms... Jacob... I'm so hot... I want you..." Her eyes were welling up because of her rising body heat. She looked at Jacob hopefully, as if she was ready to receive him.

Realizing that Emily was sending him an open invitation, Jacob could no longer stay in control. He let loose his desire and started kissing her soft lips roughly.

"Hmm..." Jacob didn't give her a chance to form words, and continued with a long, sloppy kiss.

The kiss lasted so long that Emily could hardly breathe after.

She felt like she was dying a euphoric death in their kiss, then Jacob unlatched and brought her back to life. Emily gasped for breath, her head resting on his chest. After a few moments, she regained her strength.

"Why did you stop? It's not enough..." she hummed.

In the end, logic prevailed. Jacob's reason slowly came back, and he refused to let his desire run rampant. No one knew how long he could keep this up. He just looked at Emily's eyes intently, and patted her head, saying, "Emily, keep your head clear…"

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