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   Chapter 361 It's a Fair Deal

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7975

Updated: 2019-04-16 00:05

The slideshow on the screen finally faded away.

Seething with indignation and anger, Leona cried out, "Who did this? Who!" With all eyes on her, eating away at her insides, Leona failed to keep her calm anymore. In her mind, every single person there was deriving pleasure by making a mockery out of her.

Out of desperation, when she rushed to see Magee, she found him standing in one place, still unnervingly calm. It was almost as if he did not care about what had just happened. His cold-hearted indifference stabbed at Leona's bleeding heart.

'Why isn't he saying anything?' Leona wondered.

She would rather have him question or confront her instead of abandoning her with cold, harsh apathy.

"Magee, listen! I can explain this! Magee..." implored Leona. Leona stood in front of Magee, almost down on her knees, as the last glimmer of hope flickered in her eyes, waiting for his response.

Magee cast a cold glance at her helpless eyes and remained silent. Instead, he turned to the guests and apologized, "I'm sorry for what happened just then. I declare this engagement dinner canceled until further notice."

Everyone acknowledged Magee's apology in silence, and not one person said anything in Leona's defense.

After all it was Leona who cheated on Magee before their marriage. How could anyone stand such a betrayal? It was only natural that this engagement dinner was canceled.

The only positive outcome of this was the fact that her infidelity was discovered before their wedding. If not, a scandal such as this could have been disastrous to Magee's reputation on a much grander scale had they already been married.

Dumbstruck, Leona shook her head in disbelief. Leona's face was stuck in an incredulous expression and she said, "What? What did you say? No! I won't let you do this! I've been waiting for this day for a long time! Cancelled? How could you..."

"Well? Do you think I will still marry you after this?" he asked.

"Magee! Don't believe these pictures! I was framed! Trust me!" Leona incoherently explained, "I know who did this! It was that bitch! It must have been her!"

The next moment, she turned and rushed towards Emily. The flames in her stomach rose up to her chest and crawled through her veins to take over the rest of her body. She was going to kill Emily!

Forced to act in self defense, Emily splashed red wine on Leon

tion. Instead, he said, "I haven't seen Jacob today. He didn't come with you?"

"My business has nothing to do with him. Mr. Lin, I don't get what you mean," she replied. She knew that Magee had already known the fact she was Emily, so it was unnecessary for Emily to admit the fact before Magee. The reason why Emily confessed who she was before Leona was only to stimulate Leona.

"I guess he didn't come then," he snickered. Magee smiled, hurling vicious insinuations with his eyes.

After what happened at the stage, the engagement dinner was a complete disaster. All the guests felt embarrassed to stay back after they had experienced the 'dramatic show'.

When they were about to leave, Magee grabbed the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry that you have had to endure such an awkward experience today. I sincerely offer my apologies to everyone who came."

Magee had always been gentle and courteous in front of people. His demeanor was like a breeze in spring, refreshing and pleasing. It was admirable of him to keep up such a polite and graceful manner after he had found out that his fiancee had cheated on him.

There were many unmarried ladies among the guests who had a secret crush on Magee. Those ladies stood up for him and showed their support, "Magee, you don't have to apologize for her. It's not your fault!"

"Yeah! It's all that woman's fault. She doesn't know how to cherish a man like you. She doesn't deserve you!"

"That's right! She doesn't deserve your love. There are plenty of good women for you out there in the world."


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