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   Chapter 360 What the Hell Are You Going to Do

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8200

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Leona was mortified, frozen to the spot. The next moment, she lost control and went off like a time bomb. "Bitch! How dare you! Get out of here!"

How? How could a lowly bitch say something like that to her face? This was the happiest day of her life and she worked very hard to here! She wasn't going to let anyone spoil her day!

All of a sudden, everyone's attention was drawn towards them. The hall was filled with gasps and whispering noises.

Leona tried to push Emily to the ground, and she would have succeeded if someone hadn't caught Emily by the waist from behind. "Be careful," the person said.

Emily staggered to her feet, swaying a little. When she looked back, she saw the smiling face of Magee staring back at her. "Thank you," Emily replied, politely.

Leona was furious, and she screamed venomously, "You whore! Isn't it enough for you to have seduced half the men in the city? Why do you still want to seduce mine?"

"Miss Lin, what's wrong with you?" asked Emily, and she kept smiling. With an innocent look on her face, she feigned concern, "You shouldn't curse at me just because I happen to wear the same dress as you. I did not do it on purpose. If it bothers you so much, I can leave now."

"You didn't do it on purpose? I could have sworn that you were purposely trying to pick a fight with me!" Leona wanted to say something more, but Magee held her back. When she looked around, she realized that everyone was looking at her mockingly, and ridiculing her behind her back.

Although, she couldn't hear what they were saying clearly, she could see it in their eyes, how they were laughing and jeering at her.

Once again, Leona had lost her mind and her face because of Emily.

"Sorry, Miss Lu. She was a bit out of control today," Magee said with a gentle smile. He held Leona's hands and said, "Honey, apologize to Miss Lu."

"What..." Leona looked at Magee in utter disbelief. She took a deep breath and lowered her voice. "Why should I apologize to her? Magee, can't you see? This woman is clearly trying to ruin our engagement banquet!" Leona complained.

Magee completely ignored what she had said and asserted, "Apologize."

Leona trembled at the sight of Magee's cold eyes. She gritted her teeth and reluctantly said, "... I am sorry, Miss Lu. I am sorry for losing my temper just now. Thank you for coming to my engagement ceremony today."

Emily raised her eyebrows and answered, "That's okay

laying her photos in the form of a slideshow. These photos, however, were not the sweet pictures she was planning to show. They were indecent and sleazy pictures of her getting intimate with her customers and clients. Needless to say, these invasive pictures of Leona would provoke the conscience and thoughts of its beholders.

Many men gawked at the screen, lusting, as if staring could satiate their crude desires, while some made lewd and disrespectful comments.

"Wow, Mr. Lin's fiancee has some really good moves! Look at these pictures. I'm starting to get a nosebleed..."

"Was Magee cuckolded? This woman is really lewd and filthy, isn't she? We could tell she is quite coquettish just by looking at her."

"What do you know? Perhaps, Magee prefers a skilled and experienced woman!"


All the dirty comments from the crowd echoed through her ears and invaded her thoughts. Leona whipped her head left and right to locate the person from the crowd who was making such comments, but there were too many people to pin down. Frustrated and close to having a mental breakdown, she cried out like a lunatic, "Turn it off! Turn it off for me!"

However, one photo after another, the onslaught of her dignity continued. The longer it played, the more her public image dwindled. The chances of doing damage control was quickly slipping away faster with each passing second.

People were starting to take photos and videos, as the lights flashed like an unforgiving orchestra, chipping away at her pride.

Leona could no longer tolerate the humiliation, as she rushed off stage and smashed that projector. "Bang!"

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