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   Chapter 358 In Your Name, Crown His Surname

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9437

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Words had left Emily. Her mouth hung with lips slightly parted and her eyes were as wide as they could stretch.

"Well, you..." Emily searched her mind for something reasonable to say, but her mind was blank. All the while, Jacob's eyes desperately searched hers, waiting for a feedback.

Suddenly, Jacob's phone started ringing, breaking the uneasy tension in the atmosphere. Emily breathed a sigh of relief, as she thanked the phone for saving her in her mind.

Jacob, however, was quite disappointed by the call, blaming it for interrupting such an important moment between them. He reached into his pocket and answered the phone impatiently, but just after a few seconds the blood drained from his face, leaving behind a sickly pallor. He listened quietly and then locked Emily in a serious gaze.

"The babysitter finally confessed. Leona was behind it all," said Jacob.

Emily's face contorted with a venomous outburst. "Just as I had suspected. I knew it was her."

Who else would want Emily dead?

"The babysitter asked to see you, but I refused her," he said. Jacob knew that Emily was too weak to even walk around. There was no way Jacob would allow Emily to leave the hospital and see that wicked babysitter. Was the babysitter not ashamed of what she had done? How dare she ask to see Emily?

"Give me the phone. I would like to ask her why she did such a horrible thing to me." Emily reached her hand out to Jacob and insisted. Emily had never been unkind to Zoe, the babysitter. She couldn't understand why a kind and simple person like Zoe would betray her trust.

"Here you go." Jacob handed the phone to Emily.

Emily held the phone close to her ears but didn't speak a word. After a few seconds of silence, Emily heard Zoe crying from the other end of the call. She seemed remorseful.

"Miss Lu, I didn't mean to harm you. Please forgive me. I beg your forgiveness. I was forced to do it against my will, Miss Lu. Please give me another chance. I want to make up to you," Zoe pleaded.

"You said you were forced. Well, I would like to know why someone forced you to poison me. And why were you appointed to carry out such treachery?" asked Emily.

"It was Leona. She forced me to poison you, Miss Lu. It was all because of my husband. He owed them a fair amount of gambling money, and they threatened to cripple him if he failed to pay his debts. Miss Lu, I had no other choice but to follow Leona's orders," Zoe explained.

Emily closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "You wanted to save your husband from his debtors at the cost of my life. Wow! You must be a saint! Is my life was so worthless to you?" she sneered.

"Miss Lu, I know I am wrong. Just give me one more chance. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Please..." Zoe begged incessantly on the phone, "Miss Lu, you are

two hearts beating as one, each that would sacrifice for the other's happiness and wellbeing. Overwhelmed with happiness, Leona felt like they were the luckiest couple in the world to have such a bond between them. She wanted to share her happiness with the world.

Leona's elated thoughts were interrupted by a guest, "Congratulations, Mr. Lin and Miss Lin. Oh, I just realized that you two have the same last name. What a coincidence!" The guest was a young lady whose curiosity had gotten the best of her. She was eagerly waiting for an answer from Leona.

Leona held Magee's arm firmly and smiled at the guest. "Actually, Lin isn't my family name. I was in a serious car accident four years ago," she said, pointing at Magee, "Fortunately, this man was there to save my life. Although I suffered severe memory loss after the accident, the one thing I clearly knew was that my fiancee was my savior. I fell in love with him the first time I met him. To show my gratitude and loyalty to him, I decided to take up his family name, meaning that I would like to follow him for the rest of my life."

"In your name, crown his surname. What a touching love story! It is really like a fairy tale!" the young lady exclaimed with great admiration.

Leona was over the moon from hearing such compliments. While she was enjoying her moment, Magee secretly sneered at her.

Leona seemed to have noticed it, but when she turned towards him and found him smiling affectionately at her, she told herself that it must have been her imagination.

Having seen the happy couple in their smiling faces, the young lady politely excused herself so as to not seem troublesome.

"Magee," Leona gazed deep into his eyes, but she couldn't understand why there was a strange, uneasy feeling in her heart. "I love you with all my heart. You feel the same way about me too, right?" she asked.

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