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   Chapter 357 Wife-Pursuig Manual

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Zoe was taken away by the police before she could finish her words.

She deliberately made a big racket so that Beryl would hear her from inside her room. With a pair of big, puzzled eyes, Beryl looked at Jacob and said, "I can hear Zoe's voice, what is going on there?"

Jacob remained calm and answered, "Her family is coming over to take her home."

"Then when will she come back?" asked Beryl

"She won't be coming back again," replied Jacob.

"Oh." Beryl yawned and then started to drift in and out of sleep, so she didn't ask any more questions.

"I will be here to hold you so that you can fall asleep." Jacob held little Beryl carefully in his arms as if he were holding the rarest treasure in the world.

"Woo..." Beryl let her head loll from one side to the other, eyes closing one more time as she enjoyed the brief darkness.

The sight of Beryl sleeping like an angel gave Jacob a sense of satisfaction he had never felt before. A warm smile spread across his face, giving him a sense of fulfillment.

After the police left, Jacob slowly carried Beryl to his car and placed her gently in the back seat, before driving her to the hospital.

The moment Emily saw Beryl, she subconsciously reached her arms out to hold her, but Jacob stopped her and insisted, "You'd better get some sleep now."

Beryl was very sensitive to the smell of the disinfectant in the hospital and woke up as soon as she came in. When she saw her mother lying on the hospital bed, she anxiously asked, "What happened to you, mommy? Are you sick?"

Emily gently brushed her hands over her head and explained with ease, "Don't worry, it's just a fever. I will be all right soon."

"Okay, I will behave well so that you will be all right soon." Beryl smiled.

"Yes, thank you, my love. Thank you for caring about me so much." said Emily.

It was almost noon, and they hadn't had lunch yet, so Jacob called someone to bring some food over. Before long, someone delivered the food and set them on the table.

"Thank you." said Emily. It would be unreasonable of her to refuse Jacob's help, and she might as well accept his kindness squarely.

d put her to sleep.

Watching Jacob put the quilt over Beryl affectionately, gave Emily a mixed sense of relief and happiness. "Beryl likes you very much," she said to Jacob.

Beryl seemed destined to cross paths with Jacob and become strongly attached to him. Was it just because Jacob was handsome?

Beryl had come across many handsome men before, but she only shared a special kind of bond with Jacob. Even compared to Jack, she had a much more intimate relationship with Jacob.

Could Beryl be Jacob's daughter?

Emily knew that, DNA tests, just like anything else, could be falsified. As a result, she didn't want Beryl to take a DNA test, because she wouldn't believe the results anyway and most importantly she was afraid that the result could hurt Beryl as well.

"Really?" exclaimed Jacob. Gazing into Emily's eyes, he smiled and said, "I've been reading the Parenting Manual lately. It's been very helpful."

Emily was surprised to know that an important person like Jacob, who maintained a successful business, had the time to read such books in his private time. "Have you finished the book yet?" she asked.

Jacob nodded, "Yes, but unfortunately I haven't got the time to read the other one."

"The other one?"

It was just a casual question, so Emily was surprised to see the man lean over with a tender smile on his face.

Jacob said, under his breath, "It's called the 'Wife-Pursuing Manual'."

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