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   Chapter 354 I Want Him To Be My Daddy

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"It doesn't matter," Jacob replied. His voice had a cold and flat tone, so Emily couldn't tell whether he was angry or not. Instead of dragging the conversation, she decided not to say anything more.

Beryl's eyes were red and swollen. Clear watery snot streaked from her flaring nostrils, down her red mottled skin and to her open quivering lips. She stretched out her arms towards Jacob and said, "Handsome uncle, I need a hug."

Jacob's aching heart was relieved by her affection, as he moved closer and hugged the little cute girl in his arms. Surprisingly Emily didn't stop either of them, and just watched silently from the side. Perhaps she didn't say anything because she felt guilty for treating Jacob rudely, or maybe she felt very happy to see Jacob and Beryl getting along with each other so nicely.

Beryl wrapped her arms around Jacob's neck happily and whispered in his ears, "Sorry, handsome uncle. I made Mommy scold you."

Beryl thought that she was to blame for what had happened because if she had explained to her mother clearly, maybe Emily wouldn't have lashed out at Jacob like that. Burdened with a guilty conscience, Beryl lowered her head and waited for Jacob's forgiveness.

Jacob's heart melted like butter on hot toast at the sight of Beryl's apologetic face. Not only did he forgive her, he had long forgotten about the harsh words Emily had said to him.

With a warm smile on his face, Jacob brushed his hand through Beryl's hair and said, "It's okay. It doesn't matter anymore."

"Thank you, handsome uncle! You are so nice!" Beryl smiled at him happily and rested her head on his shoulders.

Beryl's words threw Jacob into deep thoughts. Was he really a nice man?

All he did was brought her outside to play for one day, and that was enough for her to think he was a good man? Beryl had no idea that, as her father, he should have been there by her side since the day she was born. He didn't fulfill his fatherly duties, nor did he give her the love she deserved to have as a child. He had left her with an incomplete childhood.

Moreover, he even tried to force her mother to give her up and take away her chance to see this world.

Was he really a good father? Not by any means. If anything, he was the most irresponsible father in the world.

Jacob eventually understood why Emily was so nervous and disapproving of him. It was because after all this time, even before Beryl was born, he had done nothing for the good of the child.

Jacob was overcome with grief when he realized that he had failed to be a good father to Beryl. While he was wallowing in self-pity, suddenly, a soft and tender kiss landed on his face. Stunned, he froze for a while before he realized that Beryl had kissed him and was staring at him with an innocent smile.

"Don't be sad," Beryl comforted him with her lovely voice. "It was not your fault," she pointed at Emily quietly and continued, "Mommy always overreacts to everything."

"Your Mommy was just worried about you." Jacob found her so adorable that he wanted to spoil her, but he knew that he had to perform his duty as a responsible father, so he turned

uld never do anything to hurt Beryl.

'Jacob must have felt devastated when I came at him like that.

But, he shouldn't have taken Beryl out without my permission, ' Emily thought.

"If she is not my daughter, whose daughter she is?"

Once again, Jacob's words haunted her thoughts. Although Emily found it hard to believe, she couldn't help wondering what if he was telling the truth. Was it true that she didn't do anything wrong with Jack?

No, it couldn't be true, otherwise why did the paternity test show that Jacob was not Beryl's father? No! Jacob must have been lying! He couldn't Beryl's father!

Emily reflected on Jack's expression, when he looked at her that morning. She thought about how he implored her not to let Beryl call anyone else her father. It seemed to her that his love for Beryl was true.

Both Jack and Jacob asserted that they were Beryl's father, but who really was the father? And why would they both claim to be her father?

Emily's mind was still a surging perplexity. Suddenly, she heard a voice in her head, 'Why would they do that? Don't you know why?'

Aha! Emily finally reached a conclusion.

Suddenly, Emily was hit with the realization that the two men were claiming to be Beryl's father, only because they were in love with Emily and wanted her to be with them!

Neither of them really loved Beryl from the bottom of their hearts, just as she did!

Emily finally settled down, having found the answer to her questions. She moved close to Beryl and said, "From now on, you are no longer allowed to go out with anyone without my permission. Do you understand me, Beryl?"

Beryl pursed her lips, and after much deliberation, she boldly said, "But I really like handsome uncle. I want him to be my daddy!"

"What?" Emily was totally stunned by her words, incapable of registering what she had just heard. Somewhere between amused and annoyed, Emily didn't know how to react. "I thought you wanted him to be your boyfriend? Why do you want him to be your father now? Beryl Lu! Tell me, what's exactly in your mind?" Emily asked seriously.

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