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   Chapter 352 The Cruel Rejection.

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Finally, Beryl was going to the amusement park.

The nanny that was supposed to be taking care of Beryl that day, had fallen asleep on the couch. A startling noise woke her up and as she opened her eyes she saw Jacob taking Beryl but didn't even try and stop him.

Beryl could sense that something wasn't right, but she was obviously too young to be concerned or feel threatened in any way.

It was overcast outside and the sky was dark with big clouds threatening to rain.

It was a busy weekday and everyone was at work but the amusement park was full of tourists that were visiting for the day.

Beryl was so overwhelmed by her excitement that she burst out laughing and clapping her hands. The excitement was too real. Jacob picked her up before she decided to run into the crowd.

"There are ponies!" shouted Beryl.

Something caught Beryl's eye, and she turned around and screamed with joy, "Look how fast that roller coaster is going!"

She looked down from the roller coaster and spotted a weird spaceship looking like a machine, and then she looked up at Jacob with a big smile on her face and said, "They look like so much fun".

Beryl's happiness made Jacob feel as if he had accomplished something, but immediately a feeling of sadness came upon him. The thought that he had never been there for her as a biological father was supposed to be there for their child.

Beryl had a serious health condition which left her in the hospital most of her life. She never got to play outside or go anywhere like the other kids got to do.

This was Beryl's first time at an amusement park. She had never seen anything as beautiful.

Jacob and Beryl tried most of the rides except for dangerous ones that were meant for adults and older teens. As the sun started to set and fade away, Jacob knew it was time to leave but Beryl was having so much fun that she didn't want to leave.

Jacob quickly took her mind off leaving and said, "Who wants strawberry shortcake?"

Obviously, Beryl wasn't going to give up the opportunity to eat strawberry shortcake. She immediately became quiet and looked up at Jacob.

Without even a second thought, she said with excitement in her voice, "I want strawberry shortcake!"

After spending the afternoon together, Jacob got to know Beryl a lot better and wished he had gotten to know her a lot sooner. They had so much fun together.

But little did Jacob know that the nanny had called Em

hat way."

The other waitress walked in and saw her staring, she bumped her on the shoulder and said, "Don't you see that's his daughter?"

The waitress that was staring looked again and noticed a resemblance. 'They do look kind of familiar, ' she thought herself.


Jacob was still sitting with Beryl. He didn't hear them talking but even if he did, he would have just ignored them anyway.

He didn't care about anyone else but Beryl and Emily, because they meant so much to him.

Beryl finished eating her cake but she wanted more. She looked up at Jacob with big innocent eyes and said, "Uncle Jacob, please can I have another one?"

Jacob didn't hear anything else but Beryl call him uncle. "What did you call me?" he asked Beryl.

Beryl rolled her eyes, "You're so awesome, fun, kind and the best uncle anyone could ask for. Can I please have another one?"

Jacob knew he wasn't going to get the answer he wanted out of her, so he just left it at that. Jacob didn't want to spoil her too much and said, "One is enough, no more, Beryl."

Jacob understood Beryl pretty well. He knew Beryl couldn't eat too much of this kind of food because of her health complications.

Beryl got very upset and crossed her arms. In a nagging voice, she said, "But why uncle Jacob?"

Jacob said more sternly this time, "Beryl, I said no!"

"Please uncle Jacob, I promise I will be good, just one more please?" she begged. Beryl was very clever she knew how to get what she wanted.

Her big tear-filled eyes staring up at him and her lips pouted. Jacob gave into her and bought her another strawberry shortcake.

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