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   Chapter 351 My Heart Hurts

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"Mommy..." Beryl shook her head in disbelief, "How could he be? He... He doesn't look old at all!"

In her mind, if Jacob really was Jack's uncle, he should have been an old man with a fringe of grey-white hair and a long beard.

Emily dismissed, "Well, it's a long story." In any case, she had no intentions of explaining everything in detail to Beryl at the moment. "Anyway, don't think about your love for him anymore. You have to respect your elders. Do you understand me?"

Speaking of family hierarchy, If it really was taken into account, Beryl was two generations behind Jacob, then Emily would be one generation behind Jacob... 'Well, none of that really matters anyway. As long as Beryl is good and happy, ' Emily thought.

Beryl was heartbroken, "Lord, my God, why are you treating a lovely girl like me so cruelly?"

The handsome man Beryl had a crush on could be her "grandpa". Who could have thought of such a thing! How embarrassing would it be for her if she continued to pursue him?

Beryl was disheartened, lacking the passion she once had. Emily understood that Beryl needed a little time to take it all in, even though she was being a bit dramatic.

In the following days, Beryl was going through a period of listless depression. She could not eat or sleep well. Every day, she would frown and sigh with resignation in front of Emily.

But Emily was not a fool. She knew at first glance that Beryl's behavior was too exaggerated to be true. Amused by Beryl's theatrics, Emily baked her a luscious red velvet cake, generously iced with strawberry frosting. The satisfaction on Beryl's face, upon seeing the cake, was evident, as her eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

It was as if she had become a completely different person from who she was before.

After Beryl devoured an entire slice with just a few bites, she licked her lips thoroughly, salivating for another slice. She walked over to her mother and sighed. "My heart hurts a lot. I just need some more cake to ease the pain," she said.

Emily resolutely did not give her the second piece. "We'll have dinner soon. You can't eat too much strawberry cake."

"But my heart aches, I'm really sad..." Beryl put her hand on her chest, and thumped gently, looking like an actor at a play.

Emily stared at her with awe, unable to decide whether she was amused or annoyed. She wondered where her little girl had learned how to act like that. Perhaps, Beryl's behavior could be attributed to watching t

resist the urge to speak her mind. "In fact, my uncle said that to me too, but he never spoke the same words again..."

Beryl thought in her mind, 'Does he think I am a fool? How could he be my father?

I don't believe it.'

"They're all liars. Only what I said is true," Jacob contended, with a serious look in his eyes.

"Gee! Okay! Okay! Let's go quickly!" she urged. Beryl quickly changed the topic, as she grew nervous. "Zoe is going to wake up soon. She won't let me leave if she finds out. Let's go! Hurry up!" Beryl urged.

"What am I going to do with you?" Jacob shook his head and gently squeezed her rosy cheeks. "If I secretly take you away with me, your mother will get worried about you," he explained.

"She will not!" she insisted ardently, and her voice become high-pitched. Beryl put her arms around his neck, rubbing her head against him like a kitten, and said, "Just go, please, take me out..."

For reasons unknown to her, Beryl always felt good around Jacob. Even at first sight, she unconsciously felt drawn towards him. In Jacob's presence, she felt safe, and she knew that he would never do anything to harm her.

In fact, it felt like they had known each other for a very long time.

'Well, I know Mommy is going to get mad at me, but I just need to forget it for now. Hey! It's not my fault I inherited forgetfulness from Mommy.


Beryl kept insisting, "Let's go, let's go! I really want to go there..." Jacob was at a complete loss. He was afraid that Beryl was going to start crying, so instead of handling the situation like a responsible adult, he gave into her demands like an unprincipled parent.

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