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   Chapter 350 You Take Me As Your Daughter !

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Beryl's words gave Jacob mixed feelings. On one hand, he was happy to hear Beryl say that she liked him, but on the other hand, he felt guilty because he knew he would eventually have to break her heart. Jacob frowned and said, "Beryl, I can't be your boyfriend."

"Why not?" asked Beryl, eyes as wide as they could stretch.

Jacob slowly answered, "Because I'm your father."

The babysitter, standing next to Beryl, widened her eyes and wondered, 'Father?

He is also Beryl's father? Then what about Mr. Jack? Who is Beryl's real father?'

The world of rich people is complicated.

As strange as it was, Beryl didn't look surprised. Instead, her cheeks turned red as ripe tomatoes, and she yelled, "That's your excuse? You're my father? Really? That's such a bad excuse!"

"Beryl, it's not an excuse. It's the truth. I am your father," explained Jacob.

"There are many men chasing after my mommy, and they all want to be my father. You're just like the rest of them. You've got no chance," she said. Beryl was obviously upset, but she continued, "Am I not good enough? Why did you turn me down?"

"Beryl, listen to me," Jacob tried to explain again.

Displeased, Beryl pouted her lips and turned her head aside. She was no longer willing to look at Jacob's face or listen to him. "No! No! No!" she refused.

Jacob found Beryl's angry little red face utterly adorable. The way her voice went high-pitched every time she got angry at him made his heart melt with joy.

However, before Jacob could say anything, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind. "Beryl!"

Jacob's eyes widened, and his body froze on the spot. He took a deep breath to calm his throbbing heart, before he stood up slowly. He turned around and said, "Hi, Miss Lu."

Jacob didn't call her "Emily", since they were not the only ones there. Since Emily wanted the world to think that she was Cloris Lu, he did not want to expose who she was.

Emily's mouth was frozen, wide open. This was not the scene Emily expected to see when she got back from work today. Although, she was staring straight at Jacob, she appeared not to notice him at all.

'Jacob has found Beryl!

How did he come to learn about Beryl?' Emily desperately tried to connect the dots in her head.

Deep in her heart, Emily knew that she could not keep Beryl hidden away from Jacob forever. She knew that a day would come when Jacob would find out about Beryl, but she just didn't expect the day to come so soon. Nothing could

t you want to know who your daddy is?" Suddenly, Emily brought up the topic she had been avoiding for many years.

Beryl got nervous. All of a sudden, she had butterflies in her stomach. Her eyes scampered around the room skittishly, and she answered, "Mommy, you don't have to tell me that now. I don't want to know. I am not interested."

'Was that cute uncle telling me the truth? Is he my real daddy?' Beryl wondered.

Beryl was unwilling to accept that possibility!

"Do you still remember Uncle Jack?" Emily ignored Beryl's answer and continued, "The one who sent you the puppy, that Uncle Jack. Mommy needs to tell you the truth about your father.

Your father is Uncle Jack."

Emily knew that Beryl was smart enough to figure it out even if she didn't tell her.

Everything made sense now. That's why Jack didn't took Emily's business away. Since Beryl was Jack's real daughter, it was unnecessary to hide the fact anyway.

It was Beryl's right to know who her father was.

Beryl, however, didn't seem surprised. The calm look on her face implied that she had already known about it. Beryl yawned and then said, "I know that, mommy. I know that Uncle Jack is my daddy, but what does that have to do with that cute uncle?"

As far as Beryl was concerned, she was still allowed to like him anyway.

Emily sighed and continued, "Beryl, that cute uncle you like a lot... is your father's uncle."

"Daddy's uncle?" Shocked, Beryl repeated Emily's words, and she shook her head in disbelief. Every part of her mind went on a pause while her thoughts caught up. Her brain exploded, unable to process the new information she had just been given.

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