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   Chapter 348 Because You Are an Idiot

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7699

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A short while after Emily had left the hospital, Sam rushed into Jacob's ward with a man.

"Sir, here is the person you wanted to meet."

"Come in." Jacob kept his usual calm and composed disposition. He set aside all the sweet feeling Emily had brought him. All of a sudden, the air around grew cold again.

The man Sam brought in looked a little like Jacob. He walked into the ward slowly, but he didn't speak a word.

Jacob rested his back on the large sofa and raised his eyelids slightly. "What should I call you? Len or Jason?" asked Jacob.

"Jason." Jason looked straight at Jacob, and his face contorted with disgust. "Jacob, why do you fight for our enemy?" he sneered.

"Bang!" Jacob slammed his fist on the table, and his cold fury burnt with dangerous intensity.

"Have you not been educated? How dare you utter my name?" Jacob exclaimed.

Although Jacob was just sitting there, his sharp, black eyes pierced a hole right through Jason's heart. He harbored a sense of arrogance in his eyes, as he looked down upon Jason, like he was nothing more than the dirt under his feet.

Jason gritted his teeth, refusing to admit that he was taken aback by Jacob's remark. "You are not my brother. You sold your loyalty to our enemy, for honor, glory and riches. I am ashamed of you," he sneered.

"Say that again."

"I said you are not my brother... Ahh!"

Before Jason could finish his words, Jacob stood up and kicked him in the stomach, sending him falling to his knees. He felt the weight of anger pressing him into the dirt in which he knelt.

"Jacob!" Jason cried out in pain, struggling to find his footing.

Jacob pressed on his shoulder with his foot and pinned him to the ground. "Do you know why you were caught by Mr. Gu?" he asked.

"Because you are an idiot," he added.

Jason froze. Although he had been separated from Jacob for many years and had already moved on with his own life, he still couldn't forget the death of his parents.

Jason tried everything he could to find out the truth. However, even though, he did not have substantial evidence, he had already guessed who killed his parents!

Jason deliberately endured years of humiliation just so he could find the right opportunity to approach the old man and kill him. However, Jason did not ex

word by word, "I know what I need to do. Don't forget that this is all your fault.

"I'm sorry," Jack pleaded, but there was no sign of remorse in his words.

Emily took a deep breath to control her emotions. "If you really feel sorry, please stay away from my life," she said to his face.

Emily's words had taken away all hope from Jack's heart. Disheartened, he gave her a wry smile and said, "I know that you hate me, but I only have one thing to ask from you."

"What do you want?"

"I hope you can ensure our daughter's safety, and allow me to visit her several times a month. After all, I am her biological father. You can't deprive the both of us of our rights. I will do my best to meet your requirements and I would like to pay for child support," he said.

"Beryl and I don't need your money," she refused. Emily lowered her head and thought, 'As Beryl's father, if he just wants visitation rights instead of custodial rights, perhaps I should agree with his terms.

Besides, Beryl is also eager to see her birth father...'

"You can see the child, but you can't take her away without my permission," said Emily.

"Okay," he agreed. Jack's face grew slightly brighter. "I will not meddle in your life in the future, but I hope that Beryl will not call another man 'dad'. She has only one father, and that's me."

As long as Beryl was Jack's daughter, Emily could never cut him off from her life.

One step back today for two steps forward tomorrow— sometimes one had to lose some, to win some.

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