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   Chapter 343 Reasons For Denial

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8601

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Emily slid her cheek against the other's until her mouth was right in her ear. "Or I'll kill you."

It gave Tina chills. She was stunned, and kept still as she watched Emily loosen her grip and let her go.

She dropped the bloodstained piece of porcelain and it clinked against the floor.

Tina reached to touch her own face, and felt only some drops of blood on her face. At that moment, her fear disappeared. Excitement took over, and she smirked, almost maniacally. "You coward. You don't have the guts to hurt me. You're all talk."

Emily kicked Tina's shins in response, and the other's face twisted in pain. She fell down hard on her knees.

Emily took a step closer and looked down on her ominously. "Now you're kneeling in front of me." And she left.

Tina was frozen. When Emily was out of sight, she grabbed onto the table and slowly pulled herself up, her knees numb with pain.

She wiped the blood off her face with her fingers and licked them off. She tasted blood, her eyes shining with evil.

'Emily, ' she thought, 'She was completely different from before.'

The whole incident left Tina aroused and shaking. Her desire for destruction and revenge was strong, taking over her whole body.

'There will be a good time…Emily…we can play a new game, ' she smiled to herself with wide eyes.

After leaving the café, Emily was in a sour mood. She drove to the cemetery to visit her parents' tombstones.

"Mom, Dad…I'm here." She muttered into the air as she lay a couple bunches of white chrysanthemums in front of the neighboring tombstones. She did not kneel down but instead bowed low." "You…where are you? Are you in heaven? With God?" she asked softly.

Someone told her once, that when a person died, a star in the sky would disappear. Everything was gone after one's death, along with all the gratitude or resentment towards them. Emily did not blame them for their selfishness, nor their wrongdoings anymore. There was only an endless yearning in her heart.

"I've never come to see you…I'm not a good daughter," she said with a frown, condemning herself. After all the pain she had endured, however, she couldn't shed tears so easily. She kept calm, no matter what she faced. "Today, I almost killed Tina. Do you blame me? I'm sure you do. Still, I'll try my best to make her pay for your death.

Evil deeds should be repayed. People who do evil things should be punished.

No one's an exception.

The law might not be doing it's job yet, but it will. One day,"

Emily said firmly.

Meanwhile, in Lin's villa, Leona rece

e had to seize the small window of opportunity to see Mr. Hess.

As expected, she was stopped at the gate.

"Miss, do you have an appointment?" The receptionist asked.

"No, but I need to see Mr. Hess. I have important business to sort out with him. Could you please call him?" she asked politely.

The receptionist refused. "I'm sorry Miss, I'm afraid you can't see Mr. Hess without an official appointment."

Emily didn't budge.

She knew that Hess was the head of Starry Night, and had the biggest voice. He could pretty much determine the verdict of the whole competition on his own. Apart from that, Emily heard that he was an honest and fair man. She couldn't give up this chance to see him.

Emily sighed. She knew that if she called Jacob for help, she'd be able to see Mr. Hess without any trouble.

She wouldn't, though. She'd never go to him for help.

Emily was adamant about achieving her goals with her own efforts, on solely her terms, without having to rely on anyone else for help.

The receptionist was accustomed to receiving people asking for the same thing just as Emily did. She wasn't really surprised, but she did wonder what kind of person Emily must've been to have been wearing such an expensive looking dress. It looked more like she was going to walk down the red carpet than visit Mr. Hess.

Did she visit the company to seduce him?

Everyone in the company knew that Mr. Hess had no fondness for people who used distasteful means to achieve their goals. Was this woman stupid?

The receptionist subtly narrowed her eyes at Emily. She must've enjoyed witnessing the misfortunes of others, as she looked scornful thinking that Emily was doing something foolish.

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