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   Chapter 341 Who Is Being Impolite

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"Umm? Who were you going to call?" Beryl stared at the mobile phone screen and asked curiously.

Emily was afraid that Jacob would answer the phone call and hear Beryl's voice, so she reached for her phone quickly, hoping to cut the call as soon as she could. "Beryl, stop it! Give the phone back to mommy. Do you hear me? Come on, don't be so naughty!" Emily scolded anxiously.

"Nope," Beryl disobeyed her order jauntily. Having noticed the cared look on Emily's face, Beryl began to giggle. She hid the cell phone behind her back and made fun of Emily, "Mommy, why are you so nervous? Who are you calling?"

Tiny beads of sweat appeared on Emily's forehead as the thought of Jacob answering the call loomed over her head. Emily's stomach knotted up, and she urged, "Beryl!"

Afraid of her mother's anger, Beryl made a face to Emily and gave her the phone back. "You're such a snowflake, mommy," Beryl groaned.

"I'm not angry because you took my cell phone, but because you are being impolite. You see?" Emily scolded. Just when Emily was about to cut the call, she was surprised by the familiar sound of a man's voice from the cell phone. That low and pleasing voice. She was so familiar with it!

"Who is being impolite?" asked the man on the phone.

Unfortunately, Emily was too late to cut the call and Jacob was already on the line. Flustered, almost immediately Emily felt her mind went blank for a second.

Jacob... Did he hear Beryl?

Beryl didn't notice Emily's anxiety. Her eyes lit up as she heard a man's voice on the phone. She opened her mouth wide and was just about to say something for fun, when Emily reached out and covered her mouth tightly with her hands. "Umm..."

Who was her mother calling? Why didn't she let her talk?

"Shh...Be quiet, Beryl, okay?" Emily pleaded in a very low voice, almost under her breath. Emily didn't loosen her hands until Beryl nodded her head firmly to promise. Relieved, Emily cleared her throat and responded to the man on the phone, "Nothing."

"Did you miss me?" Jacob asked with an expectant smile on his face.

Beryl, however, wasn't going to let Emily end her fun so quickly and easily. As if an idea had sparked light in her eyes, she looked at Emily guilefully and cried out, "Woof, woof."

Beryl barked like a dog deliberately to attract the man's attention. Emily tensed up immediately as she wasn't prepared for such a surprise. "A dog?" Jacob's curious voice resonated from the phone.

"Woof, woof!" Beryl was thoroughly amused by the frightened look on Emily's face, so she barked a couple of times again. Suddenly, the puppy rushed to Beryl excitedly as it heard Beryl's barking. The puppy ran around them and barked to respond, "Woof woof!" All at once, the house echoed with the barking of the dog and Beryl.

"Yes, I have two puppies in my house," Emily bit her lip and lied cravenly. Emily got upset with Beryl's disobedience, so while talking to Jacob perfunctorily, she bent down to pick up the puppy and placed it on Beryl's lap for her to play with.

Having no other choices, Beryl unwillingly quit the game and took the dog to the living ro

imitation of the dog barking.

'Wait, a kid? Is it the kid that Emily had at that time?' Jacob wondered.

Confused and kind of excited, Jacob let his mind carry him away in deep thoughts of the kid.

The next day, in the afternoon, Emily was busy with her work in her office.

"Mr. Hess is one of the organizers of the Starry Night, and he is also one of the judges. He is an authoritative figure, but he is very strict," Emily's assistant reported all the information she had gathered.

Emily lowered her eyes, but she didn't show any emotions. "That's what I want. I appreciate those who are strict," Emily said flatly.

Emily knew that the stricter the judges were, the fairer the competition was. Emily didn't want to win the competition by disgraceful means, so the thought of a strict judge gave her the confidence and assurance she needed.

"Schedule an appointment with Mr. Hess as soon as possible," Emily ordered.

"Yes, Miss Cloris," answered the assistant.

As soon as Emily's assistant left the office, Emily's cell phone rang. She hesitated a bit after noticing the unfamiliar number on the screen.

Nonetheless, she didn't think about it too much and answered the phone. A familiar voice from the other side of the call rung in her head.

"Emily, do you still remember me?" asked the woman on the phone.

Emily could never forget Tina's voice, as if it were a curse she could never get rid of. Tina's voice was affectedly sweet, but also cold and sharp like a sinister viper. It lingered in Emily's mind and never dissipated.

"Yes," Emily answered coldly.

Of course Emily still remembered her! Not only did she remember Tina, she also remembered how brutally she had murdered her foster parents and how she insidiously planned to kill her! All the resentment Emily had bottled up for years was beginning to resurface.

"We haven't seen each other for many years. How about we meet for lunch or coffee?" Tina asked, sounding just like her old self.

"Sure! Why not?" Emily answered instantly as she was curious to know what Tina's intentions were.

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