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   Chapter 338 You Stole My Boyfriend

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9333

Updated: 2019-04-11 03:42

Jacob put his hand over Emily's hair, firmly leading her head into his passionate kiss. His tongue searched her mouth for all the wrong answers.

"Oh…" Emily moaned, "What's the matt–" Emily, who was hesitating to kiss Jacob, was distracted by the sight of a person standing behind her lover. Her heart was racing out of fear that the person she saw was the person she thought it was.

She angled her head to see a better view of the person and indeed saw who she had always feared to see during the specific circumstance. It was Beryl.

Emily pushed Jacob towards the door way and kissed him harder so that she could block his view. Once she was able to get Jacob out of the room, she shut the door and broke away from the kiss. She took a brief moment to pause and attempted to leave.

But how could Jacob let her go? He could not let her off easily as he was caught in the moment. He pulled her in again and once again made their lips meet. His fingers made way to touch her lips as he asked Emily, "Did you kiss me on purpose?"

"I didn't." Emily denied. She turned and pushed him away.

Jacob immediately expressed his grief through a painful frown and Emily noticed this; she got scared and thought maybe she accidentally touched his wound.

"You… Are you okay?"

Jacob replied, "It hurts."

Emily searched Jacob for where it could still be hurting. "I'll take you to the hospital." she insisted

but Jacob took her by the waist and told her, "You don't have to. You could just kiss me and the pain would go away."

Emily processed what Jacob just said to her and when she finally understood what he meant, she pulled away with great force and conviction. "Don't fool me. I know you're not hurt. Leave my house and don't stand in front of my door waiting for me to come back into your arms."

"Alright," Jacob simply agreed to her wishes and took her hand. They walked down the stairs together like nothing bizarre just happened.

Emily couldn't help but get a little nervous from thinking about Beryl, so she tried to take her hand off Jacob's. She pulled away but Jacob, being the stubborn man that he was, refused to let go. She had no choice but to follow his lead.

Emily noticed a Maybach parked downstairs. She wondered how that got there and asked Jacob, "When on earth did you get here? Is that your car?"

She left out some questions like how Jacob knew where she lived because she thought it was a silly question to ask.

"Just a moment ago." Jacob answered, "Not too long ago. Don't worry about it." He was clearly leaving a lot of parts of the truth out. "I'll give you a ride to the company." Jacob offered.

Emily shook her head, "I don't need you to do that. I have my own car."

"Well, do you want to sit in the passenger seat or would you

er arms and asked, "What upset you? Please, tell mommy."

Beryl sobbed, "I don't want to talk to you anymore," Beryl said, trying to get out of her mother's arms.

"Why? Did mommy upset you?"

Beryl bursted into more tears when she heard her mother's words. "Mommy, you stole my boyfriend!"

"What?" Emily asked in confusion.

She was perplexed, "What boyfriend? Since when did you have a boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me you had a boyfriend, young girl?"

Beryl was still crying like her eyes were faucets. "The one you kissed this morning is my boyfriend!"

Emily froze when she heard the words that came out of her daughter's mouth. Beryl saw what was happening that morning after all, she thought, 'but when did Jacob become her boyfriend? Have they met?'

"Beryl, honey, do you know what boyfriends are?" Emily sighed and wiped the tears off of Beryl's eyes with her fingers. "Don't cry. He was just mommy's… Friend."

"I know," said Beryl. Her eyes were still as red as a rabbit's. "Mom, don't you remember? I met him the first day I came to Z country, and we also saw each other in the mall a littler later. I consider him my boyfriend… in the future."

Emily recollected the information Beryl is telling her. Her daughter must have already told her a dozen times but she must have not been paying attention. She never thought that her daughter would be talking about Jacob.

"Beryl, that man cannot be your boyfriend."

"But why?" asked Beryl, "He's handsome, I'm pretty! It makes sense. Why can't we be together?"

Emily had no idea why her daughter knew all of these things. She convinced Emily in a soft voice, "He's in his thirties and you're only four. That's a huge age gap, honey."

However, Beryl was not convinced by her mother. "Mommy, haven't you heard of that saying? Age and height difference are just numbers."

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