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   Chapter 337 No One Can Threaten Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7525

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"Jennifer! Are you crazy?" Jacob shouted, eyes gleaming with disgust.

"Yeah, I'm crazy!" she exclaimed. Wild-eyed, Jennifer's face reddened, and she scowled,"You drove me crazy. Even if you don't love me, I still want to be with you! At least give me that much, won't you?"

Jacob glared sharply at the desperate woman in front of him and said,"You're delusional!"

"So what if I am delusional?" she said. With a wry smile on her face, Jennifer's eyes dimmed slowly. "Don't you get tired of sleeping with the same woman all your life? My figure is not worse than Emily's. Besides, she is not necessarily willing to be with you right now... Look at me. Am I not good enough?" she pleaded.

The servants were wise to keep away, and only the two of them were left in the large living room.

Jennifer stared at Jacob and slowly started undoing her buttons.

Jacob looked away, as if one more look would sully his eyes. "Jennifer, your behavior is not only insulting to me, but also yourself!" he said.

Jennifer froze where she stood, her face stiffened with embarrassment.

"You must think I am shameless, don't you? But when I decided to do this, I had already abandoned my self-esteem and I had no other choice. If you reject me, I will tell Uncle Gu that Emily is back," Jennifer threatened.

"How did you become such a wretched woman?" Jacob said, with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Suddenly, Jennifer choked up, gasping for air. How could she become such a wretched woman?

She was the daughter of a prominent family, rich and conceited. But ever since she met Jacob, the bane of her life, her entire life changed. What could she do?

Jacob was the inevitable doom she couldn't avoid.

"You have only one minute to give me an answer," she said. Jennifer stopped undoing her buttons, but she didn't button up either. She just stood there waiting for an answer.

Jacob's eyes froze over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth. His facial expression was one of absolute disdain. "Jennifer, I don't take kindly to threats," he said.

Jennifer scoffed,"You're wrong. Emily is your weakness, isn't she?"

Although, Jacob's probing eyes ripped the breath from her mouth, she still persisted and

dangerous time for him.

Jacob sat up, and lit up a cigarette in the darkness, sneering silently.

Jacob clearly understood what Mr. Gu was thinking about. He wouldn't be Jacob if he let Mr. Gu get his way.

He had to leave tomorrow morning, which meant he wouldn't be able to see Emily. Moreover, he couldn't bring Emily with him because it was dangerous there. Also, she wouldn't go with him.

The thought of leaving Emily behind made him uncomfortable. His heart twisted and sunk with nerves as he sat there smoking. He took one last puff before crushing it out, put some clothes on and went downstairs to the garage.

Jacob recalled the address Sam found for him and drove straight to where Emily lived.

Before long, he arrived at the destination. Jacob sat in the car, looking at the buildings and found the window of Emily's house. It was dark inside.

His fixed his eyes on the window, with his back against the seat, he began to smoke one cigarette after another, until the air in the car was thick with smoke.

Dawn sent shimmering rays, bestowing a golden path from one end of the horizon to the next.

Emily was ready to go to work, but just as she opened the door, she saw a pale man standing in the doorway, looking like an exquisite statue.

"You... What are you doing here? When did you get here?" she asked. Emily's heart was beating fast in her chest. When she tried to close the door, he put his arms around her tiny waist and kissed her rosy lips passionately.

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