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   Chapter 334 We Are Meant To Be Together

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8331

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Jacob was hit right in the face by Emily and he was taken aback for a second. Instead of leting her go, he just held her tighter.

"Put your hands away from me!" Emily yelled angrily, but Jacob wasn't listening. While she was yelling and throwing punches, he kept his position, still, with eyes staring at her.

She hit his wound and Jacob screamed with pain. Emily took this chance to get away from his grip and ran away as fast as she could.

"E..." Jacob tried to call her, but his voice was suffocated inside his throat.

So, he tried to move and run after her, but his strengths were leaving him as he was losing warm blood from his chest. He had to stop and fell on his knees.

'The wound opened again.

It's better... if I let her go, I don't want to scare her.' he told himself. Now the pain was so intense that he was losing grip with reality.

Rapidly he reached his phone and gave Sam a call, asking him to bring him another suit as soon as possible.

Sam walked immediately into the wine party and looked nervously for Jacob.

He told Jacob to stay away from parties and troubles at least until his wound was completely healed, but as always he didn't listen to him. Jacob was arrogant and stubborn, and now...

But Sam was ready for this, he knew that Jacob would have shown up here to see Emily. And he knew also that he would have chosen this a million times again.

'This woman makes him weak, ' thought Sam mournfully.

On the other side, Emily was taking some time to breathe after her runaway. She waited until her heart calmed down its frenetic pumping.

She promised herself that she would stay away from Jacob. However, this required much more efforts than she thought. Each and every time she saw him, she still felt the same thrill that she felt the very first time. Thus, the only reasonable option was to avoid him at all times.

But deep down she knew that she would have spent her whole life within his arms. But sadly, not always things go in the way we expected.

A broken mirror cannot be fixed, just like their relationship.

"Tig-Tag-Tig-Tag" The sound of a pair of high-heeled shoes interrupted her thoughts, Emily slowly looked up and her eyes stared wide open at the person walking in the room,"Tina," she said coldly.

Tina was standing in front of Emily, staring at her with her usual superior attitude.

Emily still hated Tina for what she did to her, but now Emily feared her no more,"The person you are looking for is in

f Jacob was a fire, and she was a lonely butterfly that wanted to get some warm but also scared to be burned into ashes.

"Come over here." Jacob insisted. He knew that at some point she would have cracked.

Emily bit her lips tightly and without thinking too much got into the car.

There was no one else with them, and the air between the two was inexplicably sad.

Jacob immediately started the engine and asked excitedly,"Shall we have dinner together?"

"Bring me home Jacob." But then Emily remembered that Beryl was still at her home, it was not a good idea to get back now.

She didn't want Jacob to find out about Beryl. Jack had already found out about him, but this was not a big deal since he didn't want to take her child away. But if Jacob would have found out about him, she couldn't imagine how he would react.

When Emily tried to tell him she had changed her mind, she noticed that Jacob was pale as a glass of milk in the face. "What's the matter, Jacob? Are you feeling alright?"

Jacob smiled,"Are you worried about me now?"

Emily didn't say anything but furrowed her brows.

Jacob turned serious again,"Don't worry. It's not a big deal."

'Maybe Jacob was really telling the truth back then... Maybe he really did get hurt...' Emily kept asking herself for all the travel.

Emily noticed a small pendant hanging from the rearview mirror, which had a red tassel in the middle that had faded a little. It kept dangling in front of her.

It was a gift that she gave to Jacob one day. She didn't expect that he had kept it for all these years.

"Stop the car," Jacob stopped the car and parked just aside the road.

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