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   Chapter 333 Nothing But A White Lotus

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6670

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Tina couldn't put to words the wave of emotions she felt when she finally saw Emily - she couldn't believe her eyes. She was beyond excited she felt like she was going to explode.

Nobody else had made her feel that much emotion for the past four years.

She always had some suspicion about Emily dying out of nowhere - that wasn't the Emily that she knew. To Tina, if Emily was going to get killed by someone - it would be her, it wouldn't be just anyone.

"Tina," Mark whispered Tina's name from behind her.

"Shh," Tina raised her forefinger and put it to her lips to silence Mark, "Be quiet," she said with a serious look on her face.

Mark looked towards the direction where Tina was focused. He frowned when he saw a woman that looked like Emily.

'Is that Emily? Isn't she dead?' Mark thought to himself.

Mark had always abhorred Emily's face because Tina was obsessed with her. Tina could never stop talking about Emily especially over the past four years. She also had plastic surgery so she would look like Emily.

Emily was just a plain old girl - Mark didn't know why Tina was so obsessed with her.

If he hadn't known that Tina, in reality, hated Emily so much that she wanted to kill Emily with her own two hands, he would've thought she was in love with Emily.

Either way, Mark hated anyone who caught Tina's attention - whether it was a guy or a girl.

Emily stared Mark down - he was her brother who had attempted to kill her over and over again.

To Emily, Mark wasn't a brother anymore, he was an evil spirit with no conscience.

Everyone was coming together in one place and there was nothing that could be done about it. This should have been over four years ago!

Tina put on a sly smile, picked up her dress, and started to walk towards Emily only to be held back by Mark.

"Let me go," Tina barked as she turned around to scowl at Mark, "Didn't you hear me, Mark? Let me go."

Mark's grasp on her arm was gentle but firm, "Didn't you just

against his - that meant she was real!

Everything was too surreal for Jacob. Emily was here. She was real. The void in his heart had been filled once again.

Emily! His Emily! Alive Emily!

The kiss sent Emily into a trance that when she finally realized what was happening, she instantly pushed him away, "Get off!"

"Sss..." Emily didn't know that she touched his wound on the chest which made Jacob take a deep breath.

Emily was shocked, "What happened to you?"

"Just an accident," Jacob said, nuzzling his face into her hair, "Come here, I want to hold you again."

Tears were welling up in Emily's eyes and her heart was still beating rapidly, "Are you hurt?"

No wonder she hadn't saw him for several days. Emily didn't know what she felt for Jacob but she knew that she couldn't blame him nor hate him because he hadn't done anything wrong.

On the contrary, Emily felt like apologizing to him.

But she couldn't pretend that everything was fine and everything was back to normal.

She didn't want to be stuck in the past.

Jacob noticed the change in her eyes and suddenly, he felt okay for the first time in four years.

"I lied to you, it wasn't an accident," he said, smiling and leaning towards her to kiss her again. But Emily slapped him across the face before he could even get close.

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