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   Chapter 332 Surprise

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Leona had known Cloris for a long time, even though they had never met each other. However, even Leona couldn't help feeling annoyed at Cloris for stealing her thunder.

Leona anxiously wanted to meet the person who dared to compete with Lin Jewelry.

Rumour has it that Cloris looked a lot like Emily. This made Leona want to see Cloris with her own eyes even more. 'So what?' Leona sneered in her mind.

Leona elegantly walked over to Cloris with her high heels and a glass of red wine in her hand.

Meanwhile, Cloris was busy chatting with the CEO of some company, when suddenly she had a foreboding feeling that someone was staring at her. She politely asked to be excused and then ended the conversation.

Leona watched Cloris from behind and mocked her in her mind, 'Why don't you turn around to look at me? You coward!'

Suddenly, Cloris turned around elegantly and faced Leona, as if she had read her mind. Caught by surprise, Leona stood there frozen, like a deer caught in headlights.

She was the spitting image of Emily!

'How did she become Miss Cloris?' Leona wondered.

The others may have mistaken the person standing in front of her for someone else, but Leona could never make the same mistake as everybody else! After all, they were friends for so many years. She could never forget her so easily!

Emily never died in that plane crash!

Leona watched as Cloris walked towards her with a dampened smile on her face which clearly indicated that she was who Leona thought she was– Emily!

"Ms Lin, I've heard so much about you," said Cloris. Emily politely shook Leona's hands with confidence.

Leona took a closer look at Emily's delicate face and said word by word, "Emily? I know you are Emily..."

Cloris drew her hand back and said, "Emily? I keep hearing from people that we look a lot like each other."

"No. You don't just look like her. You are E..."

"Miss Leona," Cloris interrupted Leona. "Have you forgotten your manners? Don't forget where you are now," she continued, with a cold expression on her face.

In the blink of an eye, Leona stood back and clenched her teeth to hold back her shock and displeasure.

Cloris moved one step closer towards Leona and whispered, "Long time no see, Rose."

In a dramatic turn of events, Cloris declared that she was aware of the fact that the manager of Lin Jewelry was actually Rose who had changed her name to Leona.

Leona's face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots, the moment she heard Emily utter her real name. Unable to comprehend what had just happened, she cursed in her mi

ings of a butterfly.

Gobsmacked, Emily gasped for air, as she stared at the person who had the exact same face as hers. For brief moment, she thought she was looking at herself from a few years ago.

'So, that's the "surprise" Leona was talking about?' Emily wondered.

She saw a woman who had the exactly same face with herself!

Coincidentally, the woman also noticed Emily when she walked through the door. The world around them had fallen into silence, as they stared into each other's eyes from a distance.

All of sudden, everyone's attention got dragged towards them.

"Oh, my God! They look exactly alike! Apart from the minor differences, they could easily pass as twins!" someone said in a low voice.

"The woman dressed in silver is the daughter of Tao family. Rumor has it that Emily was her twin sister," another person commented.

"So what's the matter with the daughter of Lu family... When did Emily's face become so popular?" the guests spoke among themselves.

Finally, Emily realized that the woman standing by the door was the well-known "Emily's twin sister", her assistant had told her about.

'Well, well, well. This is quite interesting, ' Emily thought in her mind.

Emily noticed the woman's expression change from shocked to astonished. Soon, the woman gave Emily a familiar menacing smile, which Emily thought was a contradiction to her elegant dress up, like a poisonous flower blooming in the snow field.

Emily's heart trembled violently as she shook her head in utter disbelief. She stopped and drew a sharp breath.


That is Tina! The horrid woman who killed my foster parents!

She is just standing there with no sign of remorse!' Emily yelled in her mind.

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