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   Chapter 331 I Know What I'm Doing

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8126

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Emily didn't prepare for the meeting with Jacob. She had spent the last few days in dreadful anxiety and restlessness. She did not know how to face the man she was once deeply in love with.

However, the fact that Jacob hadn't made any efforts to approach her after they first ran into each other that day, confused her. It was as if he had forgotten all about her.

Emily laughed at herself in her mind, 'What was I expecting anyway?'

Wasn't it better that he didn't show up unannounced?

At least, she did not have to put up a facade to mask her emotions. Wasn't it great?

'Let it be. Things will unfold on its own, ' she comforted herself.

Unfortunately, what Emily didn't know was that Jacob was lying in a hospital getting his severe injuries taken care of. The considerable amount of blood loss had left his face weak and pale.

Every fiber of his being wanted to find Emily, but he couldn't find her in his current state. He didn't want Emily to see him like that.

"Mr. Jacob, I've checked out what you've asked me to. They are......" Sam reported, as he stood beside Jacob's bed.

Jacob closed his eyes and then opened them wide. A cold light flashed from his eyes, as he answered, "I see."

Before he heard Sam's report, Jacob had already figured out who had ordered the killers to assassinate him. Who else on earth would want him dead, apart from Jack?

It was pity that Jack didn't exert his full strength to kill Jacob.

'Jack, I've given you enough chances. But now it's time to pay the piper, ' thought Jacob.

Jacob had made up his mind. Suddenly, something occurred to him, and Jacob looked at Sam again and asked, "When's the business cocktail party this time?"

Sam answered, "The day after tomorrow."

"Where's my invitation?" asked Jacob.

When Sam realized that Jacob had decided to go to the cocktail party, he got flustered. With a look of genuine concern on his face, he advised, "Mr. Jacob, you still need more rest to regain your strength. Your wounds need time to heal. Please don't put your own health at risk. I mean..." he advised.

Jacob frowned and intruded, "I know what I 'm doing."

'This is bullshit! How can you go to the party like this?' Sam mused.

Although, he really wanted to speak his mind, out of frustration, he did not have the courage to voice his contradiction to Jacob. He bit his lip and urged, "Mr. Jacob, this party... this party dose not mat

d down her face like tiny waterfalls.

Jennifer figured that Jacob was only attracted to Emily for her innocence. But why? Jennifer even stooped low and tried to emulate Emily's innocence, but that didn't work either. She couldn't understand why Jacob wouldn't even look at her?


Emily also received an invitation to the business cocktail party. She had no reason to refuse it. Although, she dreaded the thought of meeting someone she couldn't face there, she didn't want to run from reality.

Even Jack stopped pestering her, which came as a massive surprise and relief to her. At last, she didn't have to think about dealing with his irritating badgering.

On the day of the party.

Emily drove herself to the party, as the representative of Lu Jewelry. When she walked in, she caught the eyes of everyone there.

She was dressed elegantly in a handmade, light blue dress. The design of her dress highlighted her stunning figure. The sequin dotted hemline highlighted her bright eyes as they sparkled like a pair of luminescent diamonds, radiant and beautiful.

Beautiful and breathtaking. Close but unattainable.

Emily calmly met with everyone's glare. Among them, most of the women were envious of her, but the men showered her with their affection and appreciation.

"Who's she? She looks familiar, but I don't think I have met her before."

"She is the manager of Lu Jewelry, and the daughter of the Lu Family. I heard that she looks like Emily from LA Company."

"You're right. No wonder Mr. Jack keeps pursuing her. But she seems to be very different from Emily. I prefer Miss Lu..."

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