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   Chapter 330 Do You Want A Daddy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7649

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"Come, let's talk, Cloris," called Jack. Now, it was natural for him to call her Cloris, and it felt like an intimate thing. "I think Beryl needs a father. She needs a complete family, don't you think so?"

Emily paused for a moment before answering, pursing her lips. "No, I don't. She's not your daughter anyway, so you don't have to bother yourself with that."

His eyes flashed a hint of surprise. "Emily, if you don't believe me, Beryl and I could do a paternity test."

Emily's eyes narrowed. "That's not necessary." Her eyes were almost twitching as she glared at him. "She's my daughter, and I know who her father is."

For a moment there, Jack believed she already knew the truth. He soon calmed himself down and explained, "Emily, I thought the reason you came back to Z country was so that our daughter could enjoy a reunited, complete, family. Do you really want her to grow up without her father?"

Emily's jaw clenched. "I told you, she's not your daughter." All sense of politeness out the window, she started raising her voice. "Jack, I've had enough of you. You should leave me alone."

Her words upset him, and he looked at her carefully. "Did you come back for-"

"I'm tired," Emily interrupted before he could speak the name. "I don't want to deal with you anymore, so please just go."

He kept silent for a moment and nodded. With an affectionate gaze and a gentle tone, he suggested once again, "I hope you can give it some thought, at least for Beryl's sake. Have a good rest, then. I'll go."

Since returning home, Jack had rarely seen Emily so emotional and agitated. He knew the reason, of course.

He finally turned away, his eyes a little gloomy.

"Uncle Jack!" called Beryl. She sort of waddled over in her big slippers, a puppy following close beside her. "Did you have a fight with mommy?" she asked curiously.

He bent down to hug her, and the puppy hopped around at his feet, leaning its forelegs on his thigh.

"Nah, your mommy just needs some time to figure some thing out, you know?"

"I got it," the child answered. She nodded idly before giving him a serious look. "Don't do anything bad to my mommy, ok?"

He laughed at the child's sweet attempt to look threatening for her mother. "How would that happen? I'm so in love wi

who worked under Emily at LA. Emily had helped her in the past.

Trying to ignore the eager expectation in the girl's eyes, Emily did her best to look indifferent. She pulled her arm back and made her voice go cold. "I'm sorry. You must be mistaken."

The girl was looking at Emily now with trembling lips. "… But you're…"

"Do I really look like her?" She brought her hand up to stroke her cheek, but kept a poker face. "Well, I'm not her."

The girl's eyes widened as she took a step back in disbelief. "No! You're… you're not…"

The Miss Emily she knew was such a gentle woman-- always warm and sweet. She always felt so comfortable with her, as the woman was like sunshine in winter to her.

But this woman before her…

She had the same face, but her eyes were as cold as ice. She looked emotionless and unwelcoming. "But you look so much like…" the girl muttered.

Emily sighed harshly. "Excuse me, I have to go." Before the girl could even react, she spun around and walked away in a hurry, like she was on her way to something important.

The girl didn't chase after her this time.

Relieved, Emily finally released her breath and let go of her expressionless mask. Of course, someone would remember her as Emily.

But what did that matter?

She was Cloris Lu now. The reason she came back to Z country was not just for the Lu family, but for herself.

She had something important to take care of. 'I need to, ' she thought. 'I need to, or there won't be any peace in my damned life.'

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