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   Chapter 329 Your Twin Sister

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9015

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Jack's face widened, speechless. He opened his mouth to speak something but decided against it.

From his perspective, Emily was impure. It was like she was some sauce, with two men indulging themselves with her.

"Calm down. Just think it over when your head's finally clear." Emily spoke with no hint of emotion. She stood up and paid for the meal and left straight away.

Jack decided not to chase her. He just sat there with both of his hands tucked under his chin. He felt gloom wash all over his body.

As he looked at the delicate dishes on the table, he felt anger suddenly surge in him. He gritted his teeth and kicked the table.

The dishes fell down and crashed into pieces onto the floor.

His heart had never felt so heavy in his entire life. It's like as if he was carrying a large sack on his shoulders.

Emily went back to the company and boarded the elevator. Then she found herself alone, contemplating to herself.

She punched the button, quietly, and emotionless. She looked at her reflection at the mirror on the elevator's wall. She sighed, "I look dead."

The next second, she stared at her broken expression at the mirror. She leaned onto the wall, trying her best to stand still. She let out a few tears before she took deep breaths to compose herself again.

"Breathe in, breathe out. It will pass," She muttered to herself.

A few hours ago, she saw Jacob. She decided to mask her unhappiness with a cold blank mask. She badly needed to vent out and if she didn't do that, she would go insane.

She thought that once she saw Jacob once more, she would be able to face him calmly and treat him as a stranger. Unfortunately, she only found herself sobbing all alone in the elevator because of him.

He became a part of her life. No matter how she tried her best to forget him, her heart told a different story. She was unable to ignore him completely.

When she finally returned to Z Country, she tried everything not to flash back at the memories with Jacob. His smiles, his touch, his kisses. She tried to control her feelings and not to think about him. She even to an extent such as not reading the reports about him.

However, fate can be cruel.

It must be God's punishment to her the moment He let their paths cross once again.

Emily stared at her reflection and wiped away her tears. She took out some pressed powder and red lipstick from her black handbag. She retouched her makeup, trying to conceal how much of a mess she was a while ago. She also took out some dark sunglasses to hide how red and puffy her eyes were.

When she finally finished retouching, the elevator let out a "DING" before its doors opened.

She stepped ou

in. These past few days, he came to visit her frequently. Gradually, Beryl became acquainted with him.

Jack smiled gently, "I've learnt how to cook so I decided to drop by and cook for Beryl and you."

"Are you kidding me? Beryl's health condition is rather delicate. Therefore, she needs to be watched over, especially with what she eats. Are you willing to take responsibility if anything happens once she eats your food?" Emily scolded him and shook her head.

Jack felt dejected and quickly apologized, "I'm so sorry, Emily. I didn't know."

"Mommy, please don't be mad at him," Beryl looked up at her face, looking concerned. She gave Emily's sleeve a tug.

"Baby, I..." Emily hesitated. Her face softened and she knew very well that she was in a sour mood today. Obviously, she was so stressed she directed her annoyance on Jack. "Mr. Jack, please go back," Emily spoke.

"Can I speak to you in private?" Jack asked.

Emily wanted to rest with Beryl, so she refused, "I'm sorry but I feel tired. Please... Wait, what the hell are you doing?"

Before she finished her words, Jack picked her up and carried her like a princess. He didn't mind her reactions and just brought her upstairs to her room.

Beryl was shocked by his movements as she stood frozen. The nanny quickly covered her eyes and said, "Oh dear, Beryl. Let's just watch a cartoon, shall we?" Then led her away.

"Jack, what the fuck? Put me down, you scoundrel!" Emily yelled angrily. She kept struggling on Jack's shoulders and even hitting his back with her fists.

Jack didn't mind her. He just closed the door and laid her down gently on the bed.

Emily sat on her bed, glaring at him as he approached her slowly. She kept her guard up like a deer in headlight. "What the hell do you want from me?"

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