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   Chapter 327 Are You Mad

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At last, a trace of expression appeared on Emily's face. "Beryl, I think I need to find another Chinese teacher for you. Look at what you have learnt all day," she said.

Instead of taking it seriously, Beryl stuck her tongue at Emily naughtily.

Lost in deep thoughts, Jack was trying to figure out whether Emily was angry or not. Then suddenly, his eyes met with Emily's, and he looked away in an instant, his breath coming in short gasps. "Miss Lu, I didn't mean to..." he quickly apologized.

"Mr. Jack, please leave when you've finished eating," she said.

"What?" Jack asked, with a surprised look on his face. Clearly, Jack had no intentions of leaving empty handed. Biting his lower lip, he said, sternly, "You've helped me. At least let me do something for you in return, okay?"

In truth, Emily had no intentions of negotiating with him. "By the way, please take that dog with you. Dogs are not allowed in our family," said Emily.

Beryl's face turned sour and her cute little eye-brows frowned when she heard that. She quietly let go of the puppy and drooped her head without saying anything.

"Ms Lu, it seems that Beryl has grown fond of this one. Don't worry, it's a healthy puppy. Why don't you let her keep it?" Jack urged.

"I am afraid she'll get hurt. Just like you were afraid of getting bitten by it earlier," Emily responded.

Jack was speechless. Thinking of what he did and said today, he was so ashamed of himself that he wished he could get into a hole in the ground. He had to say, "It was only an accident..."

"And do you think it is right to take a dog away from its mother and have them separated?" asked Emily.

"I didn't think about that," Jack lowered his head. With a look of regret, he asked tentatively, "So... Shall I bring it back?"

Emily paused for a moment, and looked at Beryl sitting next to her. The sight of her big, watery eyes looking at her wishfully melted Emily's resolve.

After a few seconds of silence, she finally said, "Forget it, let's keep it."

Eventually, they could have the puppy checked and disinfected at the vet's clinic. Since Beryl usually played alone, it would be good for her to find a playmate.

Stunned, Beryl almost screamed in excitement as she looked at her mother and said, "Mommy, are you being serious? Can I

inseparable part of his life.

Jacob felt his withered soul slowly filling up with hope. A hope that shined a bright light in his hopelessly dark universe. It seemed like fresh blood had been pumped into his heart, causing it to throb with life anew.

A thousand years had passed just in one glance.

Jacob struggled to keep his feet grounded. Like moth to flames, the eagerness to approach her overwhelmed him. "Emily.."

Suddenly, Jacob shut his mouth when he recognized the man standing behind her. The man followed her like a sticky puppy.

It was Jack.

"Cloris, let's have dinner together, okay? And bring Beryl? The weather is cloudy and cool, not too much sunshine. It's perfect for..." said Jack. With a smile on his face, Jack continued to hover around Emily, firmly playing his game of pursuit.

As the saying goes, even a fierce girl is afraid of a man's pestering, and will finally be conquered by him. It was true.

"No." Emily did not appreciate being pestered by Jack all the time. Annoyed and frustrated, she delivered an open-handed smack across his face.

"Crack." The slap was not meant to hurt Jack. It was a warning.

Jack, however, was not angry, instead he smiled shamelessly, as if he enjoyed being slapped by her. He blatantly grabbed her hand and put it on his cheeks and said, "Would you like to slap me again? Go ahead, if it makes you happy."

"Jack, are you crazy?" she asked. With eyes open wide, Emily looked at him with disbelief and continued, "Don't act like a child. Have some sense!"

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