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   Chapter 326 You Poisoned Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6572

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"It's like..." Emily couldn't find the right words to explain so she used German and led Beryl out of the room.

Now it was just her and Jack alone in the room.

She had no plans of inviting him in but he still went in and even had a cute dog with him.

"Good, good. What did you eat? Because that's where you got your food poisoning," Emily said. She was still at a loss as to what to say but she still did her job. When she looked at him, she saw that his face was white as a sheet.

Meanwhile, Jack had opened his eyes to meet her eyes, "Emily," he murmured.

But Emily paid no attention to him.

He continued, "It wasn't food poisoning. It was you and I don't think I can ever be cured."

Emily bit her lips, and scolded him. "Just shut up."

"No, I'm not going to. I really think I'm dying..." Jack sounded so weak and he was heaving, "Emily, I was bitten by a dog yesterday," he whispered in a low voice.

Emily could tell he wasn't himself yet. He was delirious so she just kept making him talk, "Mhm, okay and then?"

"So I most likely have rabies now. Once you get rabies, there's no cure for that. This is probably the rabies already so just stay away from me or I might hurt you..."

Emily couldn't help but laugh, "Can you hear yourself?"

He was claiming his food poisoning was rabies. If he hadn't just been checked up, she might have believed his story.

Jack suddenly stood up to hold Emily in his arms, "Emily, I'm telling you the truth..."

Emily frowned and her first instinct was to push him but then Jack started to cry, "Emily, I don't want to die yet..."

'Is he getting anxiety now?' Emily asked to herself.

"Emily, we're not married yet. I don't want to die this way," Jack tightened his hug on Emily as tears fell, "If I die, who's going to look after you and Beryl..."

Emily said flatly, "We don't need you to look after us."

Jack was engulfed in his sadness that he just kept on mumbling on, "Get me a

ryl scolded her dog.

Jack looked at Beryl, smiling, and looked at the dog longingly as if he wanted to pick it up.

Beryl gave him a look and the dog hid behind her.

Jack didn't know what was going on.

'Why would Beryl act like that?'

"Did you just wake up?" Emily was sitting at the dining table. "You can eat first before you leave," she said mindlessly.

"Okay," Jack said and sat beside her happily.

The nanny handed him a bowl of porridge and was looking at him rather strangely.

Jack took a spoonful and his expression changed immediately, "Hey? Cloris, did you make this? It's so good!"

No one spoke for a while until the nanny broke the silence, she whispered, "Mr. Jack, yes, I made the porridge and Miss Cloris put a handful of chopped green onion on it."

Jack didn't know what to respond, but there wasn't a trace of embarrassment on his face. He just continued complimenting them, "No wonder I thought these were the best chopped green onions I've had in my entire life! Because you put it here!"

The nanny ignored him and just left. Meanwhile, Emily still wasn't reacting - she was just quietly eating her breakfast.

Beryl looked at Emily then at Jack, smiling with her dog in her lap, "Mommy, I think uncle's trying to tell you something," she said teasingly.

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