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   Chapter 325 Do We Really Leave Him Alone

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8247

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Jack, guilt-ridden, answered, "No! I just wanted to give Beryl a surprise. I didn't mean to..."

Grim-faced, Emily said, "My Beryl doesn't need your surprise. And she will not accept a puppy you snatched from who knows where. So spare me the drama."

"Well, then, I will take it back," answered Jack. However, Jack was afraid that the dog would bite him again if he took it back.

"That's entirely up to you," she answered. Emily turned around and let Beryl in the house without further delay.

"Wait! Wait! Miss Lu!" implored Jack, as he quickly wedged his hand between the closing door and its frame. He sincerely begged, "I just want to apologize for what I said last time. It was too abrupt and offensive. I'm sorry for..."

Emily glanced at his wounded arm, and without a care in the world, she said, "Go away!"

"No!" Jack persisted. Disregarding Emily's displeasure towards his determination, he threatened, "If you do not forgive me, I will not move from here."

With a deadpan expression on her face, Emily slowly pulled the door inwards, pressing his hand tightly. "Go!" she demanded.

"No!" Jack refused again. It was as if all shame and dignity had abandoned him. "Even if my hand breaks, I won't move from here," he said, confidently.

Jack thought that Emily would give in to him by now, but he forgot that she was no longer the woman she used to be. She wasn't going to entertain his bluffs and deceptions anymore.

Without a warning, Emily slammed the door shut!

"Ah!" screamed Jack. Although, the pain wasn't bad enough, he cried out loud just to escalate the situation. In doing so, he assumed he could somehow evoke Emily's compassion.

Such a pity, that didn't work either!

"Zoe, get him out of here right now," commanded Emily.

As soon as Emily's orders registered in her head, the babysitter pushed Jack away without hesitation. "Sir, you'd better leave now," Zoe suggested.

Then she whispered, "Otherwise, Miss Lu will resent you more." Jack froze for a second and drew his hand back. Emily closed the door on him without hesitation. "Bang!"

Emily's cold voice passed through the door, "I hope Mr. Jack will stop bothering me from now on. I'll move out of here in a few days."

"Miss Lu! Cloris!" screamed Jack, as he knocked at the door. After a short while, he stopped knocking as he didn't want her to resent him any more than she already did. Jack stood in front of the door and frowned at the puppy.

nswer. He didn't even move.

Emily looked around and found vomit on the ground. The pungent stench invaded her nose and she soon realized that Jack wasn't pretending. She lurched forward and knelt down to feel his body temperature. "Jack?" said Emily.

Jack fluttered his eyes and squinted at Emily. Dazed, he mumbled, "Emily, I knew you wouldn't leave me to die out here. I knew it..."

Even in the last few seconds, before he passed out, Jack still giggled.

Emily was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Beryl secretly brought he puppy into the house when Emily's attention was focused on Jack.

Actually, Emily saw what Beryl did just then, but she had no time to deal with that right now. She reached for the phone in the pocked and called the doctor.

The doctor was a private doctor from Z country, whom Emily had specifically brought along for Beryl. Although he was not as good as Sean, he was an elite among his peers.

The doctor soon arrived and helped Emily to take Jack into the room. Soon, he did a detailed analysis of Jack's condition.

"He is suffering from a slight food poisoning. He must have eaten something unclean before. And now he has a fever with abdominal pain and vomiting symptoms. I'll give him some medicines to help with the pain and an intravenous drip just to be on the safe side. Keep in mind, his condition needs to be monitored," he said to Emily.

"Okay! Thank you, doctor," answered Emily.

After Emily walked the doctor out, she returned to the guest room. There she saw Beryl pensively staring at Jack, as he lay in bed unconscious.

"Mommy, what is food poisoning?" asked Beryl.

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