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   Chapter 321 I Am Your Father

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9347

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Jacob and his entourage marched toward the exit of the shopping mall, and when he came to the gate, he sensed something important compelling him to turn around for some reason.

As he turned around, his eyes met a cute little girl's eyes looking back at him from upstairs.

The little girl, waved at him with a bright smile on her face and shouted, "Hey! My future boyfriend!"

Jacob paused to think for a moment and then he remembered that she was the little girl from the car who had accosted him just a few days ago. No wonder she looked familiar. Since she was standing far away, Jacob couldn't hear what she was saying, but he could still somehow understand her by reading her lips.

This little girl, dressed in a pink floral dress trimmed with white lace, with her chubby cheeks and her round eyes, brown as sweet chocolate, looked so adorable. She could melt anyone's heart with just a smile.

When she smiled at Jacob, her brown eyes crinkled around the edges, like two crescent moons hanging on her sweet face. Jacob stared at her, blankly, and for reasons unknown to him, he just couldn't help thinking of Emily's eyes, that were forever engraved in his memory, and how similar they looked.

"Mr. Jacob," someone next to him reminded.

Suddenly, Jacob woke up from his half-conscious state. When the little girl sent him a flying kiss from upstairs, he burst into laughter.

Jacob fondly wondered what kind of parents could nurture such a cute and interesting daughter.

Meanwhile, his subordinates around him were astounded by the smile on his face. They had not seen Jacob laugh from the bottom of his heart like that in a few years. It was a rare occurrence and they felt blessed to have been able to witness such a feat with their own eyes. Jacob hardly smiled and even when he did, his smile would bring shivers down everyone's body.

However, at this moment, because of that little girl, Jacob actually produced a genuine laughter from his heart. What an amazing sight!

All his subordinates following him were surprised by his unusual behavior. But next second, Jacob turned around, and the smile on his face had already disappeared, as if it was just an illusion. "Let's go," he said.

Baffled, it took almost a second for them to respond. "Yes, Mr. Jacob," they replied with one voice.

Jacob fought the strange urge to take the adorable girl away with him. Instead, he strode away in his long legs and did not look back anymore. Just when he stepped out of the mall, a woman appeared behind the little girl. It was her mother. The person Jacob thought of every day and night, but unfortunately, she slipped through his fingers again.

"Beryl, why are you running around?" Emily scolded, as she ran towards Beryl with a worried look on her face. She loo

le girl was not his real daughter, he would treat her as his own child. And as long as the truth was kept hidden from Emily, someday they would be reconciled with each other again.

Jack was so delighted that he couldn't resist the impulse, so he got out of the car and followed Emily quietly.

At the doorstep, Emily's hand were scrambling to find the key in her handbag, while Beryl crouched on the ground, resting her chin on her knee and playing with the grass that grew hard from the cracks of the floor.

"Woof, woof…" The sudden barking caught Beryl's attention.

When Beryl noticed that her mother wasn't looking at her, she stood up and walked to the edge of the flowering shrub, where she saw a little, snow-coloured puppy hiding inside. "It's so cute," she exclaimed and reached out to hold the puppy without hesitation.

Emily turned around as soon as she heard Beryl's voice. When she realized what Beryl was doing, she immediately stopped her. "Beryl, don't touch it," she said.

Beryl obediently withdrew her hand and picked up a twig to play with the puppy. Just then, all of a sudden, a tall figure appeared in front of her.

"Beryl? Your name is Beryl?" Jack asked in a soft tone.

Beryl looked up and saw a handsome and unfamiliar face. "Who are you?" she asked.

Jack tried his best to control his excitement and be more gentle. At the very least, he wanted to appear fatherly. "I am your father," he replied.

Puzzled, Beryl cast an awkward look at him, before she picked up the puppy and ran back to Emily.

Speechless, Jack was at a loss. He realized that he just got given the cold shoulder by a little girl.

Was there something on his face? Did he look weird? He was told that all children were fond of people who looked gracious and gentle. Wasn't he good-looking or gentle enough? Jack was completely confused.

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