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   Chapter 320 Why Are You Still Alive

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7273

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"Okay then, let's go now and I'll buy you your strawberry cake," Emily kissed Beryl's little face and kept her in her arms as they walked towards the cake shop.

"Mommy, I can walk on my own," Beryl insisted as she struggled to get out of Emily's arms. She didn't want her mommy to get tired.

Emily put her down and held her little hand. She said,"Okay!"

When they arrived at the cake shop, Beryl was amazed at how many cakes there were. She had a tangled expression on her face as she decided among the cakes which one she was going to get.

But her mommy only promised to buy her one so she was going to choose just one.

After looking through all the cakes, Beryl finally decided on a pinks strawberry cream cake but she still looked longingly at the other cakes on display.

Emily reminded her,"Beryl, you can only buy one."

"I know I'm just looking," Beryl said as she stared at all the other cakes.

Emily laughed as she headed towards the counter to pay.

Beryl took another look but she realized that the longer she stared at the cakes, the more she wanted to buy. And since she couldn't resist it anymore, she decided to wait outside the cake shop.

A beautiful woman dressed fancily was hurrying by and didn't notice Beryl standing there. Her bag slipped off her shoulder knocking over the cake Beryl was holding.

"Oh, no!" Beryl exclaimed She was so surprised that she exclaimed,"My cake!" in German instead of Chinese.

"I'm sorry! But I can give you money to buy another one," the woman said. She understood German. Although she was apologizing, there was no trace of it on her face. "Here, is this enough?" she asked

as she handed Beryl a stack of hundred-yuan RMB.

Beryl looked up at her with her pure and innocent eyes. She answered slowly in Chinese,"No, I don't need your money."

This little girl had a pair of bright and big eyes, her nose was upturned, and her mouth was cherry red - she was just like a porcelain doll. She looked oriental but why was she speaking German?

For some reason, Jennifer resented this little girl that stood in front of her. Maybe, it was because she reminded her of Emily.

But she wasn'

see Jacob but she never expected to find Emily and what's more, her daughter here. Even though she wasn't even sure yet if that woman really was Emily, she still had to find a way to get Jacob to leave right away.

"Jacob!" Jennifer called as she walked towards him. Jennifer acted like she was about to faint,"I'm not feeling well. Would you take me to the hospital, please?"

Jennifer just wanted to get Jacob out of here as soon as possible. The longer he stayed there, the higher the chance that he'll bump into Emily or whoever that woman was.

Jacob just stared at her for a while and then answered gravely,"My assistant can take you."

He knew Jennifer was just going to take this chance to seduce him and flirt with him and he wasn't going to let that happen.

Jennifer was getting pretty paranoid - she felt like Jacob could read her mind so she didn't say much afraid that she would say something to give herself away,"Jacob.. I..."

At that moment, Jacob's phone started ringing.

He didn't bother with Jennifer as he turned around to answer the call. Jennifer, who was standing right behind him, could hear that there was something happening in the office.

After hanging up the phone, Jacob turned to Jennifer and he said flatly,"Jennifer, my assistant's going to go with you to the hospital because I have to deal with something else."

Jennifer was relieved but she didn't dare show that so she just said,"All right."

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