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   Chapter 319 A Substitute

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6478

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Jack didn't expect to be ambushed by Jacob as soon as he arrived at the office. Jacob grabbed him by the collar. Jack angrily asked, "Jacob, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Who the hell was that woman you were with today?" Jacob glared at Jack.

Jack's heart started to beat rapidly - Jacob knew. Jacob knew Emily was alive.

"Which woman?" he pretended to not know.

Jacob couldn't keep calm, "In the coffee shop! The woman who looks like Emily!" he said hastily.

'Fuck! How could he have known? Now he's just going to have you followed now!' Jack thought to himelf.

Jack may have been cursing Jacob in his mind but he remained calm as he talked to him, "Are you saying Emily's alive?" Jack asked mockingly.

Jacob started to question what he saw because of Jack's attitude.

"Well, who the hell is she?"

Jack pushed his hand away. With a scowl in his face, he said, "Who is she? She's the substitute I found for Emily, got a problem with that? You can have her if you want. I mean, there are so many girls out there who look like Emily. There's even one in Tao's if you're interested."

Jacob looked at him fixedly. His eyes were as sharp as a knife. He said firmly, "Don't you ever talk about Emily like that again."

"You think you can get away with what you did? You killed Emily, you don't even deserve to say her name."

Jack's words pierced Jacob - he almost felt the blood oozing out.

Jacob's face had turned pale, his heart was hurting, and he was having difficulty breathing.

Jack just discovered Jacob's weak spot. As he looked at the pained look on Jacob's face, he took delight, "I'll make sure you get what you deserve for doing that to Emily. So stay alive, will you? Let me be the one to destroy you."

After which, Jack just turned around and left. Jacob immediately put a hand on his chest and took a deep breath. His eyes were completely dark that you could barely see the whites in it.

"I don't want to play with them any more," Beryl said. She was obviously sad.

Emily asked, "Did you fight with them?"

"No," Beryl pouted and opened her arms as if to ask for a hug. "Mommy, they kept asking me why my daddy isn't here," she said.

Emily's heart tightened at this. She stooped to enclose her daughter in a hug, "What did you say?" she asked, concerned.

"I told them I didn't have a daddy and then they laughed at me." Even though Beryl could barely understand them, she was sensitive enough to sense what was going on - and they were laughing at her and judging her.

Her spirits were instantly crushed.

Emily held her tighter, "That doesn't matter, honey. You have me, you have your uncle, and your grandparents. You have a lot of people loving you, okay?"

Beryl didn't say anything and just buried herself in Emily's chest. She was greatly affected by this.

'How come everyone else had a dad but her... Was it because her dad didn't want her or her mommy? Or both of them?

Then mommy must be very sad about that.' She didn't want to make her mommy sad so she changed the topic.

"Mommy," Beryl raised her head and this time, she had a smile on her face instead of a pout, "You said you were going to buy me strawberry cake, can I have it now?"

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