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   Chapter 318 What a Hypocrite

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"I just noticed that Mr. Jack and Mr. Jacob didn't fight at our meeting this afternoon! He even smiled at him! First time in history that happened! It almost scared me! I think Mr. Jack's planning something and it's going to blow up in Mr. Gu's face big time."

"I think he's in love, though. I heard he's trying to win over the manager at Lu Jewelry. He's been all over the news recently."

All the employees were gossiping over the sudden change in Jack's behavior.

Even Jacob noticed the change in Jack that he called Sam to his office. "Jack seems to be acting strange recently. What does he have planned?" he asked.

Sam answered, "Well, Mr. Jack seems to be trying to win over a new woman - it's the new general manager of Lu Jewelry."

When Jacob heard this, he thought it was ridiculous, "What? He's pursuing a new woman? How true is that?" he asked with a mixture of amusement and distrust.

Jack'd never let any woman get close to him in the past four years and suddenly, he was pursuing someone now? Only idiots would believe that.

Sam continued, "I find it hard to believe too. But apparently, it's true. He's even given her a project and he's going to help her out by tapping some A-listers to endorse her jewelry."

Jacob was reminded of Emily's jewelry designing as he listened to Sam. His face suddenly darkened. "All right, keep an eye on him, and if you find out anything else, let me know as soon as you do," Jacob said.

"Yes, Mr. Jacob," Sam replied.

The following day, Jack had already learned his lesson from before. He was devious enough to ask for a meeting with Emily in a cafe with the agenda of signing their contract.

This time she couldn't refuse him with some silly excuse such as trying to lose weight.

Jack patiently waited in the cafe, occasionally glancing at his wrist to check the time because knowing Emily, she always arrived earlier than the set time.

Emily arrived on time. When Jack saw her, he smiled and pulled a chair for her. "What would you like to drink? A cup of cappuccino?" he asked.

Cappuccino was Emily's favorite coffee from before.

Emily sat down gracefully, a distant smile pasted on her face, as she replied, "Just an Americano, please, thank you."

Jack's eyes dimmed slightly. He sat opposite her quiet for a while seemingly had forgotten what their meeting was about until Emily reminded

voice, "Miss Lu, I'm a gentleman and gentlemen always takes the lady home."

Emily was starting to get irritated now. "I drove myself here and if you drive me home, I'll have to leave my car here. And that would be just stupid," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, since you drove yourself here, could you give me a ride? Because I don't have my car with me," Jack said. He was just obviously doing whatever he could to get Emily to spend more time with him.

But to his disappointment, Emily handed him a hundred-dollar bill and told him to take a cab.

"Mr. Jack, go and get a cab," Emily spat and walked away.

Jack started to feel helpless.

Meanwhile, Jacob was just leaving another coffee place when his eyes fell on Jack who was following a woman around like a homeless puppy.

Jacob sneered and started to question if Jack really did like this woman or if he was just playing another trick.

However, when the woman turned around, Jacob saw her face and he froze. His pupils dilated and he found it difficult to breathe.


That woman was Emily! How could that be?

Jacob couldn't help it - he left his partner and rushed towards them.

But by the time he got there, both Jack and the woman had already disappeared among the crowd.

Jacob looked around carefully, but found nothing as if it was all just a hallucination.

But he knew it was real.

He saw it with his own eyes.

No matter what Jack was up to now - he succeeded because he drew Jacob's attention to that woman. Whether it was a trap or not, he still needed to know the truth.

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