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   Chapter 315 I Really Really Like You

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Jack was a little disappointed, but his exuberance soon recovered. He charmingly suggested, "Miss Lu, how about I take you home? What do you think?"

Emily smirked and squinted at him slightly. The Jack she once knew would have never spoken to her in this manner. He would have acted on his own decision, leaving no room for her to discuss anything. At last, he had finally learned how to respect others.

What Emily did not understand was the odd combination of mixed feelings that had appeared in Jack's heart when he saw her again after the news of her death. Jack was so tense, he didn't know how to act in front of Emily. Subconsciously, he became wary of his words and actions, as he began to stress over what was appropriate and what wasn't.

Emily, however, casually turned her back to him, and answered, "No, thanks."

Jack bit his lips and walked in front of her to insist again, "Why not? It's hard to get a taxi here. I can drive you home. I promise I won't make it awkward for the both of us. Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything inappropriate. And you know I'm a good driver..."

Emily rolled her eyes at Jack's ridiculous words, after she saw a few taxis pass by. "Don't you know that there's no such thing as a free ride in this world?" she said.

Slowly, Emily turned to talk to Jack. When he made eye contact with her, his entire body froze. It was as if the whole world behind the woman standing in front of him had disappeared.

Long, chestnut strands of hair cascaded and curled down her back like molten onyx. Her milky white skin was brushed with makeups and blush to bring out the sharp structure on her face. The haute couture suit of silk and ermine accentuated her graceful features and the extra 10 cm from her heels complimented her overall appearance. Judging by the way she carried herself in public, it wasn't hard to tell that Emily was a successful gold-collar worker.

Once, Emily's long, black hair was straight and simple, just enough to highlight her innocence. She would hardly wear make-up and she preferred to wear light coloured dresses with flat, comfortable shoes. The importance she gave towards practicality and simplicity showed just how pure and innocent she was back in the day.

However, the past four years had witnessed her slowly growing and evolving.

Emily's previous appearance was so different from what she looked like now, that only a few of her acquaintances would recognize at first sight. No one could believe that it was the same person.

Nobody could ever imagine that the Emily from the past was now, Miss Lu, the daughter of the Lu Family.

Jack gazed at her face, affectionately. He

than two days, almost killed Beryl.

That one experience was enough to last Emily a lifetime of horrors. From then on, she paid extra attention in taking care of Beryl. Emily made sure she left nothing to chance.

Seeing her daughter playing in the sun brought back her worst nightmare. Although, the setting sun was hardly a risk, she still wasn't brave enough to take any risks when it came to Beryl.

"You are different. Being in the sun will make you sick. Beryl, stop being naughty! Listen to mommy! Or Mommy's going to be worried!" ordered Emily.

Emily hardly spoke about such grave matters with her daughter. Suddenly, the tears started welling up in Beryl's round eyes. The next second, she cried out, "You are always keeping me away from having fun! Why? Why, mommy? Why can't I go out? I don't even have a friend. I just want to play in the sun. Why? Why can't I? I don't want to live in darkness! I love how warm the sunlight makes me feel! Why, mom? Why can't I..."

In the end, her words came in short gasps, as she started crying. Soon her words became incoherent and inarticulate.

The sight of Beryl's tear-soaked face pierced Emily's heart with a thousand needles. Hugging her tightly in her arms, Emily comforted her, "Beryl, it's all mommy's fault. I am sorry. I am sorry I wasn't able to give you a healthy body..."

Beryl was supposed to be as lively and vibrant as her peers. Like all the other normal kids, she wanted to go to school; to play and frolic with her little mates every day; to run freely on the grass fields under the sun...

Unfortunately, Beryl wasn't fit to do any of those things. She could only sit in a dark place, and watch enviously as the other kids played in broad daylight...

Beryl longed for the outside world.

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