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   Chapter 306 Dead Or Alive!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9261

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Emily had a nightmare last night.

In her dreams, Jacob had caught her. He clutched her wrist tightly, like he wouldn't let her go, no matter what. The foreboding dream followed into the next scene as it took Emily into a cold, operating room. The bright lights on the ceiling was blinding her vision.

"Listen to my words. Don't keep this baby..." Jacob's gentle voice hovered around Emily, as eerie as a magic spell.

"No!" Emily screamed frantically, and finally woke up from her abysmal nightmare. Her cheeks were wet and her body was bathed in a cold sweat. The sheets were twisted around her limbs, probably because she was thrashing in her sleep. But at least she was awake now.

"Did you have a nightmare?" Sean asked her tenderly. Sean's comforting voice put Emily's heart to ease gradually.

"Nothing. I am fine," Emily replied, However, a soft handkerchief beat Emily and reached out to wipe her forehead gently before she could do it herself. "Thank you, but it's really nothing. I am fine," she said. But she was touched by Sean's effort.

Sean passed the handkerchief to her and said, "We'll be at the airport soon. Are you feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I am good," Emily replied. Emily wiped her face clean and took a deep breath. Finally, she was ready to take the next step.

Whatever her dreams and nightmares had shown her, none of it mattered anymore. For in this lifetime, it was time for her relationship with Jacob... to come to an end.

Meanwhile, Jacob was still turning the world upside down searching for Emily.

He had invested a large amount of manpower and resources to dig out Sean's background, but time was running out and he didn't have anything viable at the moment.

As far as Jacob knew, Sean was a skilled doctor on the surface, but deep down he was more than that. He kept himself under the radar most of the times and the information surrounding him and his activities were shrouded in mystery.

However, Jacob's instinct told him that Sean was anything but a simple man.

But now, it was too late for him to go digging into Sean's background. First and foremost, he had to keep his eye on the prize: Emily.

Sam was as efficient as ever. But this time when came to report, he hesitated. "Mr. Jacob, we have found the flight number of Emily..." he said, almost under the breath.

Sam's hesitation diminished Jacob's confidence. All of a sudden, he sensed a sharp pang in his stomach, but he had to know the truth. "Keep talking" Jacob urged Sam.

"The flight took off this morning, but according to the latest news, the plane had crashed..." Sam continued, nervously.

Jacob's brain stutters for a moment upon hearing the news, and every part of him goes on pause while his thoughts caught up. "What about Em

"Get back to work," Jacob ordered with his hoarse voice.

Puzzled, the rescuer looked at Jacob with concern, but he eventually left him alone.

Jacob fixated his eyes on the photo, while he focused at Emily's face on it. He sat there, dominated by a profound sadness, fatigue engraved on his worn face. The grief surged with every expelled breath, always reaching higher peaks, never sufficiently soothed by his long intakes of breath.

In despair, he clenched his fist, while the blood in his body went cold. Determined, he said with all his strength, "Emily, I don't believe it what they're saying.

How dare you leave me?"

Although Jacob did not admit to Emily's death, but the news of the plane crash eventually reached everyone's ears.

Some were sad about it, but some were rather happy.

Jennifer was one of them, along with Tina, who was detained in the mental institution.

For a brief period of time, Jacob had cast all the company affairs aside. He no longer had the strength to keep up with everything. This gave the Tao clan the opportunity to recover and even fight back.

Without Jacob's influence, Mark managed to arrange Tina's release from the mental institution. However, the other members of the Tao clan could do nothing about it, since Tina was both mentally and physically ill. Surprisingly, she was not willing to leave the mental institution.

Having suffered ill treatment in the mental institution for a long time, Tina had grown accustomed to it, as it became a part of her daily life. Mark couldn't bear to see her rot away in such a horrid place. But what hurt him the most, was the fact that Tina had fallen in love with a male doctor who had given her electroshock therapy.

Without hesitation, Mark made the man disappear from Tina's life, so that he could no longer appear in front of Tina.

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