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   Chapter 304 Stop Running Away From Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7499

Updated: 2019-04-03 15:37

"Strawberry candy is your favorite, isn't it? I brought you a lot," Emily said. She opened one and put it in her mouth. The candy tasted sweet, but she could not help but feel bitter.

For a maiden to die at such a young age is like a flower that wilts before it blooms. Life was so unfair.

Victor took the bag of candy and opened each one. He stuffed all of the candies into his mouth. His handsome face formed bulges because of the candies stuffed in his mouth. He looked strange and funny at the same time.

Emily was taken by surprise. If she didn't know any better, she would think that he was like a masochist. "Victor, what are you doing? You could choke," Emily said worriedly.

Victor managed to mumble "I'm okay," despite his stuffed mouth. Emily continued to look at him curiously as he continued, "This is her favorite. I will eat it for her."

In his mind, doing this was like being with her and seeing her. He would do what the things she used to do until they become his ingrained habits.

She's gone but he isn't, and he has to live day by day. All he could do was to try to live her life for her.

He looked up, barely able to speak, as he tried to eat the candy. "Anne, did you lie to me?" he called out. "You told me to have candy whenever I feel bitter. You told me that candy can cure all the bitterness in one's heart. If that's true, then why do I still feel bitter? Why do I still hurt?"

Days without her were so bitter. Even the candies he was eating tasted like bitter herb.

Emily couldn't help but pity him and cry for him. This wasn't Victor the man anymore; he was Victor the corpse. He was a dead and hollow soul trapped in a gorgeous man's body.

Anne's death made him this way.

"What if I was dead, just like Anne? What will happen to Jacob?" Emily thought.

For the first time, she truly understood how Jacob felt. She finally understood Jacob's concern that she might died giving birth to this baby.

If she did die, would he be as heartbroken as Victor?

Emily didn't even want to think about it.

After staying at the cemetery for a while, they left in silence. They went home, both lost in their own thoughts.

When they arrived, Sean walked over to her hurriedly as soon as

uck a chord in her heart that she couldn't tell whether their conversation now is a dream or reality.

In despair, Emily hung up the phone.

She was afraid that she would lose control of her emotions if she continued to listen to him. The walls of strength that she worked so hard for to build up as well would come crashing down.

"You can't go on like this," Emily told herself.

Meanwhile, Jacob still held on to his phone. He was exhausted, but that phone call from minutes ago set fire to his veins.

For days, he found no trace of Emily, even if he knew that they were still in the same country. But in this place, Victor held all the power.

Because of the bad blood between the two of them, he could not demand resources to find Emily nor was he able to prove that Emily has spent time with Victor. It made him anxious but he couldn't do anything.

This call was his only breakthrough in a long time.

Jacob couldn't put it off any longer. He dialled Sam's number, unbothered by the time he was calling. "I need you to track a number for me. It's Emily."

Sam, who answered his phone in a daze, was jolted awake upon hearing Emily's name. "I'm on it," he clipped, immediately hanging up the phone to get to work.

Sam knew how much Emily meant to Jacob, and how desperate he was to find her. As soon as the server gave him the results he needed, he texted the information to Jacob.

Jacob stared at the address on his phone, and his heart pounded in fiery passion.

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