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   Chapter 300 The Man Who Saved Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7315

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On his way to the airport, Jacob received a text from David - it was the address of his friend that he had told Emily to find after she landed. David also explained why he'd helped Emily in the first place.

Jacob just merely read the message and didn't bother replying. A moment later, David was calling.

Jacob ignored the call and instead sat in silence first to calm himself down until, he finally answered the call.

There was a dead silence. No one was speaking. David didn't expect Jacob to suddenly answer the call after he had rejected the call like a thousand times, so he hesitated at first when he heard Jacob's voice. "Jacob, I'm so sorry," he said sincerely.

Jacob's breathing sped up a bit, and he said with an expressionless face, "David, you owe me this time." He didn't wait for David to respond before he hung up the phone.

At the other line, meanwhile, David was stunned as the beeping sound rung through his ears. He drew a deep breath and exhaled, feeling helpless.

Late at night, in M country.

Emily had just arrived in this strange country. Instead of contacting David's friend, she opted to look for a hotel to stay in.

And it wasn't because she didn't trust David, it was because she was afraid that Jacob would be able to track her down and Rita and David might get in trouble with Jacob.

In the middle of the night, the streets were empty, and no one was walking around except for Emily. Only several street lights were on, and it looked desolate.

Emily dragged her luggage in one hand, her free hand holding her mobile phone. She opened the map on her phone looking for a hotel. The wheels of the suitcase were rubbing against the ground making some noise.

She didn't realize that danger was already approaching.

Emily was busy looking through her phone trying to find the right direction when a hand suddenly covered her mouth from behind and dragged her to an alley.

"Emm!" She tried to struggle herself free from this man's arms but it was useless because he was too strong for her.

"Shut up! And give me your money!" the gangster said.

And Emily could, unfortunately, understand what he said. She calmed herself down a

t touched the ground, she felt weak and fragile as if she couldn't even handle standing up.

"Miss, you're still very weak. I suggest you don't get out of bed for the meantime and just take this time to rest." A concerned voice came from the door and a man in a white uniform came forward to help Emily back into her bed.

Emily looked at him in silence - she didn't know if he was to be trusted.

The man seemed to sense the distrust so he smiled at her and said as a way of explaining, "Miss, I'm your doctor. My name is Sean."

Emily eyed him from head to toe. He had short, light chestnut-colored hair and his eyes were sunken. Overall, he looked quite pleasant. His smile and demeanor were also gentle and polite. He looked very kind and his aura made Emily feel comfortable.

Emily didn't think that he would be the one who had saved her last night.

Sean continued, "Mr. Gao asked me to come and examine you. To be honest, you're in pretty bad shape."

"Mr. Gao? Who's Mr. Gao?" Emily asked in surprise but in her mind, she already had a pretty good guess.

Sean answered right away, "Victor. Mr. Victor Gao." Emily was right.

Emily suddenly froze. It was Victor! Did Victor save her last night?

It was definitely possible because M Country was among Victor's sphere of influence. Either way, Emily felt extremely grateful. If Victor hadn't saved her, she along with her unborn child would have probably died right then and there.

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