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   Chapter 299 You're Also Murderers

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Thanks to Rita, this was the first time Jacob was able to get some sleep in a very long time.

Muddled, he whipped his head around to see where he was. When he finally regained his senses he asked, "David, I'll ask you one more time. Where on earth did you hide Emily?"

The tone of Jacob's voice terrified David. It reminded him of the brutality Jacob had subjected him to. David bit his lip and answered, "I told you. I haven't seen her. She didn't come to us. And look what you've done to me. Do you know how bad it hurts?"

As if he hadn't registered a single thing David had said, Jacob continued, "David, why are you lying to me?"

"No, I'm not. Believe it or not," David answered.

When Rita walked in, guilt appeared in her face, as the first thing that came to her sight was the bandage on Jacob's head. While touching the side of her nose with a finger, she yelled, "What are you two arguing about? This is a hospital. Would you please be quiet and give it a rest?"

When Jacob heard Rita's voice, he turned around to look at her. Jacob's sharp eyes caught Rita's face, rigid with tension, as she looked around the roam, trying to avoid making eye contact with him. Jacob turned grim-faced and asked, "You are her best friend. You know where he is, don't you?"

Suddenly, Jacob stood up and walked towards Rita, with a menacing look in his eyes.

Without hesitation, David rushed over and stood in between Jacob and Rita. "Jacob, what do you think you're doing? Have you gone mad?" he screamed at Jacob.

"If none of you will tell me where she is, I will search every corner of this city even if I have turn every place upside down," Jacob answered.

Rita, standing behind David, said to herself, 'Go ahead! Dig into the ground if you must. No matter how deep you dig, you will never find Emily.'

Meanwhile, Sam and the others came as soon as they found out that Jacob was awake. "Mr. Jacob, we've searched the entire city, but there's no sign of Miss Emily anywhere. I'm afraid she may have left the city, before we got here," Sam reported.

Disheartened, Jacob lowered his head and frowned. He didn't care whether Sam had guessed it right or not, but the thought of Emily running away from him just before he could get to her, broke his heart to pieces.

So close! He was so close to getting Emily back!

The moment Jacob called David, Emily already knew that Jacob had found her.

Jacob turned around to glare at David with his angry eyes. Jacob's lethal stare felt painful and pie

l of this. It's my fault. I shouldn't have..."

If anything were to happen to Emily, Rita would never forgive herself.

David pulled her into his arms. He noticed that she was not resisting him, so he gently rubbed her hair.

"It's not your fault. It's mine. I should have told you not to do so," comforted David.

With tear-soaked eyes, Rita kept quiet. She knew that David was just trying to comfort her, because, in truth, she was the one who forced him to do so.

"And Emily had already made up her mind by then. There was nothing we could have done to stop her. Even if we refused to help her, she would have figured out another way to leave. You don't have to blame yourself like this. You don't know what could have happened," said David.

"I, I can't..." muttered Rita. She took a deep breath and wiped her tears on his shirt. Rita continued, "If only I had known about it ..."

"Emily had her own reasons for not telling you the truth. So what if you had known about it? Would you tell Jacob to tie her down? Or force her to give up her baby? Either way, you can't guarantee that she won't hate you for it.

Everyone has the right to choose what they want for themselves. No one has the right to make her decisions for her, that includes you and Jacob," David explained.

Rita looked up to him, with tears in her eyes and asked, "Everyone knows that, but how many people can actually do that?"

For instance, taking Rita and Jacob into consideration, it was impossible for the both of them to watch Emily risk her own life, even though she was willing to do so.

All they wanted was for her to be safe and sound. That was all they were asking for.

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