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   Chapter 298 Take Dylan With You And Run

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9329

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Emily turned to David and made the decision immediately, "David, can you book a ticket to M country for me? I am leaving right now. I can't waste another minute."

"But it's almost midnight… you're not serious about leaving all by yourself... Emily, I am worried about you. Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Rita, as she turned to look at David, seeking for support.

"If Jacob finds me, he will never let me go…" Emily sighed. Emily had made up her mind a long time ago that she would keep the child no matter what the cost. "Rita, please…you know me…I need to do this and I will need your help," Emily urged Rita.

Rita and David looked at each other without saying a word. In their hearts, they knew that there was nothing they could say or do to stop Emily from going. Perhaps, the best way to help Emily was to do as she had said.

David called his contact at the airlines and booked a flight ticket for Emily, while she packed her things for the journey.

Rita pulled Emily to the side and slipped a credit card into her hands. "Emily, take care of yourself, okay? And remember to call me if you need anything…promise me that you will call me, okay?" Rita insisted, looking concerned.

"You don't need to do this, Rita. I've got enough money…" Emily replied, as she tried to give the card back to Rita. Emily felt like she owed so much to Rita for her care and support.

In truth, Emily wasn't lying. She made sure to bring an extra card with her secretly in case of an emergency.

"I don't care. You have to take it. I demand you to take it," Rita insisted, tears appearing in the corner her eyes. "I really wanted to spend more time with you, Emily. Now you are leaving… and I don't even know when I will see you again. Is there no other way? I mean, seriously, when will this stupid hide-and-seek stop?" Rita added.

Emily looked at her with a bitter smile and said, "May be... it will all stop when Jacob finally forgets about me and lets me go..."

However, they both knew that was never going to happen. Given the fact that Jacob was so adamant about Emily being the love of his life, he would hold onto her until the end of the world.

"Emily won't be gone forever. Relax, she will be back soon. Safe and sound," David cut in, trying to ease the sad atmosphere. "Here, this is my friend's number. He is an old friend in M country, and you can trust him. When you arrive at the airport, go and find him. He'll look after you for us," David added, as he placed a note in Emily's hand.

"Thank you, David," said Emily, and then she put the note in her bag.

Emily didn't want to run away again, especially because of the baby, but she had no choice.

Before long Rita and David took Emily to the airport. The couple stood in the brightly lit up lo

d, indifferently.

"Okay, whatever you say," David smirked, satisfied with her answer.

"Mr. and Mrs. Xu, I…" Stunned, Sam didn't expect to see such a dramatic scene, and he continued, "I am really sorry. What happened to Mr. Jacob?"

"I think he passed out. Come on. Help me get him to the car and bring him to the hospital. Hurry up!" David urged.

"Okay…Yes…Okay…" Sam mumbled. He was in so much shock that he didn't know what else to do besides follow David.

They all went to the hospital together.

Before long, the doctor came out of the ward and reported that it wasn't anything serious but only a mild concussion, and that Jacob would be awake in no time.

Rita felt guilty, so she looked at the doctor meekly. When David noticed Rita's expression, he lowered his voice and whispered, "Don't worry about it. If anyone asks, just tell them it was me."

"You? Seriously? What did you do exactly? If it were not for me, you will be dead by now," Rita sneered. 'He didn't even fight back. How could he let Jacob beat him like that? Does he even know how to protect himself? Does he understand how much I worry about him?' Rita's mind overflowed with questions.

"I…I have my own rules…" David didn't know how else to respond.

"Forget about your stupid rules. You should thank me for saving your ass," Rita looked at his face and snickered.

"Yes. Thank you madam," David smiled back, with blood still dripping from the cuts on his face.

"Move away and wash yourself," Rita ordered.

Meanwhile, Jacob was still unconscious. While Jacob was in the hospital, Sam brought several men with him and searched the entire C City, but unfortunately, they couldn't find even a single trace of Emily.

'If Miss Emily is not in C city, then where on earth could she be? Did we receive the wrong information?' Sam kept asking himself.

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