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   Chapter 297 Be Good At Lying

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Emily leaned over to gently pat the cat on the head, and then she said with a faint smile on her face, "Meow!"

The cat nuzzled her hand, with its eyes squinted joyfully. Then it suddenly jumped up and put its front paws on her legs. The cat seemed to want to cuddle.

Emily gently touched its forehead, and said regrettably, "Sorry, I'm pregnant, so I can't be near you so much."

She really didn't care anymore but she thought she couldn't afford to take the risk.

"Meow, meow, meow..." The cat looked unhappy so she just kept rubbing her hand.

"Well..." Emily just continued to pat her head.

In the meantime, no one noticed that a passer-by had casually taken a photo of this whole scene. When he returned home, he posted the photo on the Internet.

"What a lovely day! I came across a beautiful and kind girl petting a very cute cat." This was the caption that was posted along with the photo.

In the photo, the sunshine was radiating against the girl and it looked beautiful. On her leg was an orange stray cat. She was patting its head gently. The scene looked touching and made you all fuzzy in your heart.

Due to the angle and light, it would be hard to tell who the girl was - the face wasn't shown and so was the pregnant belly.

But it only took Jacob just one glance to know that it was Emily.

He knew Emily like the back of his own hand - he would recognize her everywhere.

Jacob was still angry over Emily leaving but he felt relieved knowing she was safe at the very least.

Sam tracked down the location of the photo, "Mr. Jacob, the photo was taken in C City so Miss Emily is most likely staying there."

"It's C city?" Jacob squinted slightly. He kept the photo saved on his phone and rang up the number of an old friend.

David's heart jolted when he saw that Jacob was calling him, "Jacob?"

've decided that I'm going to fly to M country to deliver the baby."

Rita was stunned for a while. Then she asked, "How did you decided on this? This is such a big decision especially that it's coming from out of nowhere. Is anything wrong with the baby?"

She recalled that Emily had asked her for the number of a doctor.

"No," Emily said in a low voice, "It's just not safe. I'm afraid Jacob will find me here soon enough. I just want to be sure and the only way I can do that is if I go abroad. Rita, I don't want Jacob to find me."

David had a different expression on his face when he heard this so he admitted it to them, "Jacob called me today."

Suddenly, Emily's face paled and her lips were pursed.

Rita immediately looked at David, then asked gravely, "When did he call you? I didn't know that."

"You were at the bathroom when he called." David grew solemn too as he roughly recounted what they had talked about, "Maybe, he really doesn't know?"

"No, it's more possible that he knows." Emily's face was white as a sheet. She said nervously, "No one else knows him better than I do and maybe he just wanted to catch you in a lie but

I'm pretty sure he just wanted to catch me here by himself. "

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