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   Chapter 295 Don't Be Double-faced

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"Only God knows what goes on in this madman's mind. Perhaps he will cook up an unpalatable breakfast," Rita taunted David, as she glanced at him with mischief.

David, however, didn't feel embarrassed at all. He gently placed the hot pot on the table.

Emily and Rita looked at the pot and found chopped herb-medicines and vegetables in the porridge. They were all minced meticulously so that the two women could not make out what kind of herb-medicines and vegetables there were in the pot. The unpleasant smell of the medicine in the porridge eventually spread out in the dinning room.

Now, Emily was ready to believe what Rita was saying about David's cooking. Not only did the dish not look appetizing at all, even the porridge seemed a bit burnt. Emily felt hopeless, and yet she optimistically convinced herself that may be the porridge would make up for its unappealing smell with its surprisingly good taste...

"What the hell is that?" Rita exclaimed with a disgusted expression on her face.

David sighed and rubbed his nose. Even he couldn't help admitting to himself that the porridge in the pot could hardly be presented as food. "You told me that you've been suffering from menstrual cramps recently. So I consulted an old herbalist doctor and got this herbal prescription from him. This pot of porridge was cooked according to the prescription. Regardless of how it looks, this herbal porridge will do good to your health," he explained.

"Are you sure it will do good to my health? I think I will probably suffer a serious case of food poisoning after I eat it," Rita answered, as she covered her nose with her hands.

David quickly replied, "It's safe to eat. Really. I've tasted it."

David's interaction with Rita was so entertaining that Emily could not help but burst into laughter. The depressive thoughts of Jacob gradually faded away from her mind in this fun-filled, loving atmosphere.

Under David's expectant gaze, Rita reached out to fill the bowl with porridge, with a doubtful expression on her face, before tasting it...

"Well, what do you think?" he asked. David, who had never cooked anything in his life before, looked like a student waiting for his homework to be evaluated by his teacher.

Rita's face turned green, and even though she did not speak, she frowned at him with an obvious expression of disgust on her face. She couldn't even find the words to describe the taste of the porridge.

On the other hand, Rita's lack of consideration, upset David, as it was a severe blow to his pride and confidence.

Disheartened, David wanted to sit down and rest for a while, but since the seats beside Rita were already taken by Emily and Dylan, he had no choice but to sit right across Rita.

David looked at Emily and apologized sincerely, "Emily, I'm sorry for what happened last night. I shouldn't have imposed my will on you."

Emily was startled by David's sudden confession of

er hand. "Your acting is plain and artificial. I'm not blind. I can see through your smirk," she added.

Evidently, he was very happy. Why did he act like a two-faced idiot? Rita rolled her eyes at him.

"You caught me red-handed. Rita, you are so clever," David praised, as he immediately returned to his normal state, grinning cheekily, which needled Rita, making her want to slap his smug face.

Emily ate the steamed buns as she sat silently and watched the two people share a pot of black porridge. Their public display of affection was the source of Emily's envy.

Although she didn't know what had happened between Rita and David, the only thing she could be sure of was that they loved each other very much now.

The spectators see the chess game better than the players. Even though, the couple hadn't realized it yet, Emily did.

Emily was still worried about the child in her belly, so she decided to go to the hospital for a check up after breakfast. Since the hospital had better equipments, she could get a thorough exam and a clear diagnosis, instead of inviting a doctor to come over for a check up.

Since Rita was anxious for Emily's safety, she decided to tag along with her.

Thus, David had to bring his baby son to his company again. However, before he left for work, he made sure to send bodyguards to follow and protect the ladies.

Although they were in C City, which was a remote southern city and out of Jacob's sphere of influence, Emily still carefully disguised herself with a scarf and sun-glasses. Just to add to her sham, Emily even asked David to give her a fake ID, so she could go out with Rita without worrying about anything.

When she got to the hospital, she realized that she was faced with a new problem.

Emily was afraid that after the tests, when the doctor would tell them the results, Rita would find out the truth in due course. Somehow, Emily would have to draw Rita away in the right time.

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