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   Chapter 294 What Do You Take Me For

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7205

Updated: 2019-04-01 00:39

Rita gently nudged Emily and said, "Emily, just go upstairs. I'll talk to him." Still in a daze, Emily left without saying anything. Rita turned to David and threatened, "Don't you ever dare tell Jacob!" David shrugged, "Give me a kiss and I'll keep my mouth shut." Before Rita could reply, he pulled her close and pressed his lips on hers. The moment they kissed, Rita immediately wriggled herself free from David's arms and slapped him, "Hey!"

David wasn't able to dodge - he was slapped right across the face. He was overwhelmed with emotion. He turned around and stared at Rita who looked angry.

"Are you insane?" Rita's face turned red because of anger. It seemed like she wanted another go because one slap wasn't enough.

David grabbed her right hand to touch his slightly swollen left face. His voice sounded cold, "Do you remember how many times you've hit me? I can only tolerate so much..."

Before he even finished, Rita slapped him again.

"Rita!" David's eyes narrowed and his lips thinned, "Just because you know how I feel for you doesn't mean you can treat me this way! What do you take me for, huh?" he asked her.

'You think I'm some pussy cat just because I tolerate everything and never fight back? But guess what? You've forgetten that I'm actually a tiger and I get angry too, ' he thought to himself. As the third master of the Xu clan, he had pretended to be miserable for a long time!

Rita just scowled at him and withdrew her hand, "Okay, go on. Tell me everything else you don't like about me."

David suddenly felt so small when he met her angry eyes, "..."

They just looked at each other silently for a while.

David broke the silence first, "It's fine if you want to keep this a secret but I have one condition."

Rita refused, "Nope. Deal's off." She hated being threatened most, especially by David, "If you even think about telling Jacob, don't underestimate me. I'll stop at nothing."

David trembled at the sight of Rita - the sneer on her face, her stance, her piercing glare. She suddenly pushed him away but David resisted and pulled her in to hold her, "Okay, I lied. I won't tell Jacob but...

Emily observed.

"Really?" Rita was surprised to hear that. When she looked up at Emily, she frowned, "Why do you look so tired? Are you okay?"

Emily unconsciously touched her face grinding her teeth, "I'm fine. I just wasn't able to sleep well last night."

Rita knew what she was worried about so she addressed it, "Just take it easy, okay? David already promised me he wouldn't tell Jacob."

"Really? He did?" Emily asked in disbelief. David was so adamant on telling Jacob, so what could have changed his mind?

Rita's face blushed when her mind flashed back to their kiss last night but she kept her face stoic, "I talked to him so you don't need to worry about it anymore. Just stay here. I got your back," she promised.

Emily felt her insides warm at Rita's kind words. She nodded gratefully, "Thank you."

Sometimes, you didn't need words - all you needed was to feel it in your heart.

Just when Aunt Zhang entered the dining room to bring Emily her breakfast, David stepped out too holding a small steaming pot.

Emily was surprised to see him, "David can cook?"

She wouldn't have expected that from David based on his background. For Emily, he wasn't the type to get his hands dirty because he'd been so used to having them cleaned by servants. But then she recalled Jacob and how no one else knew how well he cooked.

Emily concluded to herself that it wasn't weird after all that David could cook.

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