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   Chapter 293 Did You Really Cheat on Jacob

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7328

Updated: 2019-04-01 00:06

Rita angrily stared at David who had broken into her home! She screamed, "David, what the hell are you doing? You can't just break into my home like this. Are you crazy? Don't you remember your promise from before? Get the hell out of here!"

David already promised her before that he wouldn't break into her home again but this was an emergency. He pleaded, "Can we talk about this later? I'm already here anyway. Listen to me. I'm here to..."

Before he finished his sentence, he noticed Emily was right there standing next to Rita. "Emily? What are you doing here?" David cried out.

Rita showed her obvious distaste for his question, "Well, Who else do you expect to see?"

"Listen, I can explain. I mean..." David begged. David found himself misunderstanding Rita, so he eagerly explained, "You know, I just care about you so much. That's why I make such a mistake, otherwise I would not..."

"Out! Go out and go back where you came from," Rita screamed.

"Listen to me, honey!" David implored, his eyes glinting. He somehow looked pathetic but he just continued, "Please! This is the third floor! imagine if I fell to my death?"

Rita sneered at him, and said, "How so? Well, personally, that would be so much better for me then you can get out of my way and I can finally replace you!"

It hurt David to hear Rita saying all of these things but he kept his emotions to himself. He tried hard to hold back all his frustration and disappointment. "Rita, are you really not aware? I mean..." he asked, flustered.

Emily felt guilty as she watched the fight break out. "I'm sorry, this is my fault. I shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry for bothering you..." she muttered apologetically.

"What are you saying sorry for? You're my friend. You're welcome here any time," Rita assured her. Rita didn't look at David but she squeezed Emily's hand to comfort her.

David stared at Rita, biting his lower lip. Then he turned to Emily and said, "Emily, what are you doing here? Didn't you know that Jacob's looking everywhere for you?"

Emily paled at this. "You... you know?" she stuttered.

Since David knew Jacob was looking for her then soon enough Jacob would find out

lankly at Emily, "Don't think of it that way. I know it may be difficult to move on from losing your parents but you still have Jacob. You're not alone. You should know that he loves you so much. He's the one who loves you the most, okay? Maybe even better than your so-called parents. You're not alone, okay?" he comforted her.

"I don't deserve him anymore. I don't know how to be with him anymore and there's no way I'm ever going back to him," Emily answered.

"But you still love him, don't you? Because he does. He loves you so much. I don't know what's going on, but Jacob's going crazy right now looking for you. And I couldn't even image what would happen to him if he doesn't ever find you. Just come back to him, Emily. If you gave up this child and went back to him, I bet he would forgive you," David said.

Every word he said was like a stone dropping on Emily's heart. She suddenly couldn't breathe. "You don't understand..." she managed to choke out.

No one in this world understood her. No one knew what she was feeling in her heart and how much she hated herself for it. It had cost her everything to even decide to leave him.

"Emily, you're just making this hard for both of you," David said. He didn't know what Emily was thinking but he continued, "If you really love him, you wouldn't let him suffer like this."

This made Emily's heart ache.

Suffer? 'What Jacob was suffering from was because of me? Me?' Emily thought.

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