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   Chapter 291 Are There People Hiding in Your House

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7569

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:17

The secretary could only lower her eyes in embarrassment, "I-I'm sorry, Mr. Xu."

David frowned. He clicked his tongue impatiently, "Well, what is it you want to tell me?"

"The meeting will begin in 15 minutes. Won't it be inconvenient for you if you bring the baby along? I can help you watch over him for a while." The secretary spoke, not taking her eyes off the floor.

Hearing this, David only frowned more. He couldn't afford it if RIta found out that he let other women touch the baby. In addition, he did not want his son to be tortured by such strong a scent in the woman. Not to mention, the scent was strong enough to make his stomach turn so he definitely didn't want the baby to get sick.

"No need. I can take care of my son by myself."

His words were clear and straight to the point. He was young and crazy once, and women would always throw themselves to him. He could see through what they were up to in a heartbeat. Right now, he just didn't want to talk to anyone of them because he had found someone special to cherish.

And obviously, he wouldn't allow it if these women wanted to use his son as a leverage for him.

The secretary felt her heart shattered into pieces.

She didn't want to believe it but the baby was indeed her boss' son. And her boss was overprotective of this...gremlin!

"So, good day, everyone," David greeted, carrying the baby in his arms as he carried on with the meeting.

"So regarding the plan A whcih was submitted last time... I would like to raise some concerns...erm..." David was suddenly interrupted when baby Dylan held his necktie and put it in the mouth.

"Dylan, you can't eat Daddy's tie.." He quickly removed the necktie from Dylan's chubby finger and continued with the meeting, "Plan A is completely unqualified."

The other people in the meeting room could only stare in awe. When David snatched back his tie, Dylan just did what any baby would do. He cried out.

David took a deep breath as vein popped on his forehead. "Dylan..."

The other officials in the meeting blinked and some of them could only whisper at one another. They all knew that David was infamous for his short temper. Not to mention, children were difficult to handle. Would the baby make him lose his patie

t you take care of the baby. Oh cut the crap beat it, unless you don't consider him as your son anymore." Rita spoke arrogantly.

He barked, "So what's the meaning of shutting me out, Rita?"

"Well, I just feel like shutting you out whenever I hear your stupid voice."

"Well, did I do something wrong? Tell me! What do you want me to do?" David tried to think hard why Rita wouldn't let him in.

Wait, it could be...

"Rita! Rita! You immoral woman! Are keeping other dogs behind my back?"

Rita couldn't help but burst into laughter. She spoke mischievously, "Well, well. What did you just say? Did you just admit that you are a dog also?"

David glared at her, "Are there people hiding in your house?"

Rita shrugged with an evil smile, "Nope. I don't feel like arguing with you today. Come back next time once I feel like pulling out your leg hairs one by one."

David's hunch was telling him that something must be wrong with her today.

There are times that Rita would admit such things just to make him angry. But today, she seriously denied it! She even told him to come back next time despite being in a bad mood.

Usually, when she was upset, she would only throw curse words at him and scream, "Go away!"

Something smelled fishy! And he couldn't put his finger too much into it!

"Rita, I will stay here and no one can dissuade me from doing so!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Rita barked. "Get off my door way! Or else I'll crush your puny fingers with the door!"

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