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   Chapter 289 Beautiful Clothes

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Sam looked at Jacob again who looked particularly vicious at that moment as if he was ready to kill anyone.

"Sir, calm down..." Sam, obviously afraid of Jacob, suggested, "Maybe, Miss Emily just misplaced her ATM card? Or maybe..."

"I'm calm. Stop talking." Jacob's face was cold and ruthless. But in his eyes it showed just how much tension and panic he was really feeling.

Emily, Emily, Emily!

Time and again, he whispered Emily's name in his heart, as if by doing so, he could feel at ease. "Find the man who withdrew the money right now!" Jacob ordered.

Sam was able to find the man right away. He was in an orphanage in A City. As soon as they found out about it, he and Jacob went there right away.

As soon as Jacob's group stepped into the shabby orphanage, children scattered like leaves. They were looking at the group in fear and in curiosity.

Jacob already had a guess what was going on so he asked to talk to the president right away.

As what he had suspected, it was the president who withdrew the money.

Jacob glared at the man, "Who gave you the card?"

The president was skeptical of them because they all seemed so hostile, so he was on his guard the whole time. First, he asked that the children should go inside then he asked politely, "Sir, what are you doing here?"

Jacob grabbed him by his collar and asked angrily, "I'm going to ask you again. Who gave you the bank card?"

"Forgive me, sir. I can't tell you." The way the president saw it - Jacob was bad and Emily had just donated a large sum of money to the orphanage. She was a good person so he would never sell her out.

Jacob narrowed his eyes and put his hands around the president's neck, "Tell me!" he bellowed.

When Sam saw this, the look on his face changed. He pulled Jacob off the president and asked him, "Sir, was it a lady who gave you the bank card? Because if so, then he's her husband. They fought before she ran away..."

The p

After a while, Rita slowly opened a crack in the door and said, "What do you want?"

David was a bit frightened when he saw the look on Rita's face. He lowered his voice, "Open the door for me."

"Why did you come here today?"

"To send you beautiful clothes."

"The clothes are already here, and you can leave now," Rita spoke so confidently. David was becoming more and more disgusted.

When he saw that Rita was about to close the door again, he reached out his hand to stop it, "I'm not just here to deliver clothes. I also came here to see you..."

When he said the last words of his sentence, he lowered his voice and his ears turned a little red.

Rita narrowed her eyes and pretended not to hear, "What did you say?"

David wetted his lips and looked up at Rita's eyes. He felt a little embarrassed. "... I came to see you."

As soon as he finished speaking, Rita opened the door wide.

David's face brightened. Rita turned in front of him. David was confused, "What..."

Before he even had time to ask her what she was doing. Rita said coldly, "You've already given me the clothes, and you've seen me. What else? No? Great."

After that, she slammed the door. Bang!

David stood there - shocked and unable to speak.

How could this be? He didn't expect this at all.

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