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   Chapter 285 You're My Sweetheart

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Jacob was fuming as he glared at her, and his hands were clenched into fists. He was gritting his teeth as he spoke, "Emily, do you really think of me that way?"

Emily just looked at him dazed. Her eyes were getting misty as she began to speak, "I... I'm not..."

Jacob took a deep breath, stood up, and walked out.

Instinctively, Emily reached out to grab his hands but he was already way too far. "Jacob..." she cried out.

Jacob just continued walking as if he didn't hear her until he had finally left the room.

He'd never felt so awful because he couldn't believe that Emily thought of him that way. She didn't trust him and accused him of being so cruel that he would do something like that against her child.

The whole thing left a bad taste in his mouth and left him miserable.

In reality, Jacob immediately regretted slapping Emily. He knew she was pregnant and was suffering from some mood swings. But either way, he shouldn't have done that.

Jacob chose to leave first so that they could both calm down. If he stayed, they might've just said hurtful and mean things to one another due to their emotions.

Jacob stood outside, he fished out a cigarette and lit it up. The cold wind was blowing which helped cool his head down. After a few minutes, he took a few drags before putting his cigarette out and walking back to the ward. When he opened the door, he saw Emily standing by the windowsill.

The window was open, and the wind was blowing. It was freezing cold. Emily stood with her back to him, looking thin and weak, and her loose clothing was dancing along with the wind.

Emily was a delicate woman. If she fell off the windowsill, she would fall to her death because they were on the tenth floor.

Jacob's heart started beating rapidly out of fear. He dashed towards her and grabbed her in his arms. "Emily! What are you doing? Are you crazy?" he shouted.

"I'm not going to kill myself... I just want to..." Emily spoke incoherently as she was breathless.

Jacob loosened his grip when he realized Emily was having some trouble breathing - but he still didn't let go of her. "I'll get mad at you if you jump!" he said.

Jacob was so panicked that it hadn't crossed his mind that if Emily really did jump, he couldn't get mad at her anymore because she would be dead.

Emily gasped for air and explained intermittently, "I... I did

eally made up your mind? Emily?" Jacob asked, as he let out a long breath.

Emily nodded and answered with a torn look on her face, "Yes, I have."

While it was supposedly good news for Jacob that Emily finally agreed to give up the baby, it didn't feel that way to Jacob. He wasn't as relieved as he imagined he would be - instead, he was feeling nervous now.

Jacob was feeling ill at ease and even anxious. He couldn't help but wonder if something had gone wrong.

Emily suddenly spoke, "Since I've decided to give up the baby, I'd like to have a DNA test first before the procedure."

Jacob stiffened as soon as he heard this but he just simply responded, "Okay."

In reality, the reason why they hadn't had a DNA test yet was because they didn't want to know the result. It was as if they were trying to hold out hope that maybe, it could still be Jacob's.

On the other hand, if they did a DNA test and they found out something they didn't want to find out, then they would lose something very important. That was the reason why they had been delaying the test for so long.

But now, they both agreed to have the test. And although Jacob was feeling slightly sad about giving up the baby, he knew he had to stand by this decision because this was for Emily's safety and he would do anything for Emily.

He ran his handkerchief under warm water and used it to gently wipe Emily's tear-stained face. He spoke in a conclusive tone, "Emily, no matter what the result is, we're still not keeping it, okay?"

Emily's tears started to well up again as she said, "Okay."

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