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   Chapter 284 Liar

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7384

Updated: 2019-03-29 02:45

The glass dropped to the floor and shattered into pieces.

Jacob was walking through the door when he heard the sound. He immediately rushed to Emily and asked, "Emily, what happened?" his voice worried.

Emily's head went blank for a while. Then she slowly raised her head to look at Jacob and replied, "I'm fine. But the glass…"

"Did you hurt yourself?" Jacob asked.

Emily shook her head, "No…"

"J, it was my fault. I accidentally dropped it. Miss Emily, I'm so sorry to bother you." Jennifer turned to Emily and said with a guilty face. She was really good at pretending to be innocent.

"Jennifer? What are you doing here?" Jacob asked when he realized that Jennifer was standing next to them.

"I heard that Miss Emily wasn't feeling well, so I thought I might come over and see her," Jennifer answered.

"Who told you that?" Jacob asked, slightly annoyed because he had already knew the answer.

"Your father, of course," Jennifer replied with a smile. She could already tell that Jacob wasn't very happy with her answer. "What else can I do? He told me to ruin your relationship with Miss Emily so for now, at least he's kind of satisfied with my progress. Don't worry. I am on your side."

Jennifer seemed to be telling the truth. But she was only doing this for her own sake - she wanted Jacob to believe her so that he would see that she was really just looking out for them and being a good friend as opposed to secretly lusting after him.

And Jacob seemed to believe her. Meanwhile, Emily was skeptical. She knew what Jennifer was capable of and she was starting the feel uncomfortable. She clawed the sheet beneath her out of uneasiness.

Jennifer was doing a good job of lying.

Even Emily herself almost believed her.

"I want water," Emily said suddenly. She looked at Jacob, her face pale and weak.

Jacob stood up immediately. He reached for a new glass, washed it thoroughly, filled it with warm water and handed it to Emily.

Emily just took one sip before turning away and complaining, "It's freezing cold."

Jacob threw out the water and refilled it with lukewarm water this time, "Here," as he handed it to her. He would do anything for Emily as long

won't work. It won't be good for both of you if you insist to keep this baby," he said slowly but firmly.

"But how? How…how could this happen? Is there really no other way?" Emily's heart ached.

"Emily, I just don't want you to get hurt."

"You're lying, right? You! You and the doctors. You're all liars! I can feel him. Do you understand that? I can feel the baby kicking inside me," Emily said, her voice full of emotion. "There must be some mistake…

Jacob... please... Can I take the test again?" She placed her hand over her slightly plump belly and looked at Jacob with her eyes welling up with tears.

"There, there; it's okay," Jacob wiped her tears, "We can have as many babies as you want in the future. Just listen to me now, okay? You have to listen to me."

"Liar," Emily snapped, "You've never forgiven me. You didn't want this child from the very beginning. That's why you don't want me to keep him. So just stop lying to me or coming up with excuses or trying to cover it up by saying you're just doing it for my best and all that because I know you're just lying."

"I didn't… I'm not..." Jacob tried to cut in.

"No one wants to raise a bastard, especially you, Jacob. I know you. I don't blame you, but why are you lying? You're free to marry whomever you want, just leave me and my baby alone!" Emily shouted.

Smack! Emily was slapped across the face but she was too shocked to feel anything. Jacob had hit her. How could he...

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