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   Chapter 283 I'll Have This Child No Matter What!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7188

Updated: 2019-03-29 02:44

Emily's jaw dropped when she had heard what the doctor just told Jacob regarding her and the baby's condition.

Her baby, her bundle of joy, her own flesh and blood. There was something wrong with her baby.

Inside the doctor's office, Jacob was also stunned by the unexpected news. Then he suddenly felt there were eyes staring at him. "Emily," he spoke as he turned around and saw her pale face outside the door.

Before he could complete his sentence, she just didn't say a word and turned away suddenly.

Jacob took long strides in order to catch up with her, "Emily, what's wrong?"

Jacob managed to grab Emily's arm and twirled her towards him. Then he wrapped his arms around her. She began to sob, "I heard everything... I heard everything! Why did you lie to me?" She pushed him away, glaring at him in disappointment.

She kinda hoped there was something wrong with her ears and she just misheard the whole thing.

Jacob could only hug her tighter, unable to say anything.

Jacob's silence only confirm Emily's suspicions. It was all clear now. Tears flowed from her eyes to her cheeks, "But why? I don't believe it..."

"Emily, please listen to me. I am more concerned regarding your condition..."

But Emily coldly interrupted him, "Cut the crap! Just get straight to the point! You wanted to find a way to abort it, right?"

Jacob sighed, holding her shoulders, "Emily..."

"No. I won't give up! I'll have this child no matter what!" She struggled to break away from his arms. When she finally broke free, she wiped her tears away roughly.

Jacob held her cold hands and said softly, "Babe, I wasn't forcing you to abort the baby. All I wanted is to see you healthy. With regards to the child, we still have to consult the doctor. Maybe there's a way to save your baby."

Emily was managed to be convinced somehow. She felt that she just overreacted with regards to the situation. She bit her lips with a small glimmer of hope, "Is it true? You mean it?"

"Won't it be best if we go to the doctor's office together so we could find out?" said Jacob, offering his hand to her. When Emily clasped her hand around h

eared, sneering at Emily.

That voice, she could clearly recognize it. She immediately sat up, "Jennifer! What's your reason for coming here?" asked Emily.

"I heard what happened so I came to check on you," answered Jennifer casually. Jennifer stared at her well-manicured nails as she gave a smirk, "I heard that the bastard you're carrying won't be able to survive."

Emily's face changed. "Uhm... excuse me?" She stared at the smiling woman in front of her coldly.

"Ah, so naive! Well, you needed to make sure the baby is healthy right before it's born, right? It's also needed that the baby is healthy when it's born without killing the mother. Do you know how many people don't want you to give birth to that baby?"

Emily glared, "What the hell are you saying?"

"Well, some people don't want you and your baby to be alive! Of course, I am not one of those people!" Jennifer covered her lips and slyly whispered to Emily's ear, "That baby is not Jacob's, is it?"

"Jennifer, you..." Emily turned pale. If stares could freeze other people, Jennifer would have been frozen alive right now.

"Didn't you say you want to drink water? Here, let me get it for you." Jennifer's voice shifted in jolly tone as she took Emily's empty cup.

Emily didn't want the other woman to touch any of her things. As she reached out for the cup, the cup went down onto the floor loudly. "I'll do it myself," Emily spoke firmly.

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