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   Chapter 281 She Shouldn't Have Rejected Him!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7367

Updated: 2019-03-29 00:06

Emily stood dumbfounded as she felt the journalists' stares burrowing at her. He walked to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Many people from the Internet insulted her, causing her trauma! As her boyfriend, I will make sure that those who made those snarky comments will be dealt with!"

Then he turned to her with a soft expression on his face and whispered, comforting her, "Don't worry. I will make sure justice is served for you."

Wait? Justice?

He didn't need to get justice for her. Those rumors were actually true. He was the one who needed justice more than she did! She did so many bad things on him, so why was he still willing to protect her like this?

"Jacob, I..." Before Emily could finish her words, Jacob pressed a finger on her lips to silence her.

"Emily, hush now. All you need to do is love me," he raised her chin up a bit and gave her a sweet kiss.

All the journalists present and Jacob's henchmen were shocked by the kiss. "What a scoop!" Everyone did their best to catch the kiss on video and on photos. It was definitely going to be hot in the headlines tomorrow.

Before anyone could have noticed, the table was replaced with a red carpet with golden trimmings. It just really proved Jacob Gu's high social status.

Jacob gave Emily a gentle smile, amused with how awkward she felt. He snapped his hand and a beautiful song from a piano started to play. "W-Wait. Where did all that music coming from?" Emily muttered, wide-eyed.

She searched for the source of the music until she set her sight at the piano placed next to the stage. The journalists followed her eyes. A gorgeous, golden-haired pianist played it expertly.

People started to whisper amongst themselves, "Who is he? Why does he look so familiar?"

"W-Wait! That's Phil! He's a famous pianist!" one exclaimed, "The videos of him playing the piano get millions of views!"

They all stared in awe. Hiring Phil to play at their proposal sure indeed had proven Jacob's status. The journalists started to feel excited on what would happen next.

Camera were all focused on them. TV Networks started airing the event unfolding in front of them. Cheers filled the room when Sam wal

uld a man like him love every bit of her? What part of her did he found irresistible anyways? What made him love her?

"Jacob, I... I do. Jacob Gu, I will marry you!" She wiped out her teary face and grinned happily. She pretended that she pulled a prank on him, "You silly man! I was just messing with you! My answer is Yes!"

Jacob looked up at her. He felt his heart beating happily once more. But even so, he felt like a marionette being controlled by her.

He breathed deeply, relieved and then let out a laugh, "How dare you tease me, you naughty girl?" Then the audience began to cheer again.

Emily took the bouquet and Jacob finally slid the ring to her finger. They hugged each other tightly as everyone clapped and howled happily.

Tears spilled from her eyes as she remained in his warm arms. She couldn't tell if she was crying from joy or confusion.

The music started to play again. Everyone could only say "Wow!" as rose petals scattered suddenly in the air and heart-shaped balloons floated out.

Jacob held Emily in his arms tightly, "I know this proposal has been too hasty for your taste. Don't worry. I'll make it up to you," Then He smirked, "But this one still counts, alright? Don't ever try to take back your words."

He knew that Emily changed her mind so he wouldn't lose face in public.

He deeply felt that she wasn't really willing to marry him, as of now. But he wanted to make sure that she was his and to be his only.

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