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   Chapter 277 You Are My Wife

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Emily was confused at first until she folded her fingers to look closely at her fingernails. Her cheeks got flushed immediately. She mumbled, "Why didn't you just tell that my nails badly needed a trim? Why do you have to speak as if you are going to..." She gulped, feeling more embarrassed.

"Oh dear, you must have misunderstood me," Jacob exclaimed

as he smirked playfully. Emily's eyes widened. She couldn't believe what this man was doing! He had been messing with her and she couldn't help but hit his stomach with her elbow and pout.

"H-Hey," Jacob laughed as he got hit. "Are pregnant women really this violent?"

Emily kept pouting, "Well, if you aren't messing with me, then I won't punch the headlights out of you."

Jacob put his hands up, showing surrender with a helpless smile. "Alright, fine. I'll stop." Then he helped her sit down on the sofa.

Emily didn't expect that Jacob himself would offer to cut her fingernails. She felt so embarrassed that she kept insisting, "Hey, it's okay! I can do that myself!"

"Hey, did you know that pregnancy can make a woman dull and stupid?" Jacob asked with a straight face. Emily looked at him as if he said something outrageous. Jacob didn't stop what he was doing, "Look. You're already very clumsy before you got pregnant. You're going to be more clumsy now that you're pregnant. What if you hurt yourself?"

"Stop teasing me, you dummy, and let me cut my nails," Emily retorted but the other man didn't listen to her. She just rolled her eyes as she let Jacob continue what he was doing. Even though he was teasing her, she felt happiness flood in her system. Everything felt just fine right now.

"Don't scurry too much!" insisted Jacob, holding her white and slender fingers, and carefully trimmed her nails.

It was obvious that he didn't do such a thing for anyone and one could say he didn't have any experience doing such. At least, he managed to do it gently.

His concentration warmed Emily's heart.

She had thought of this many times but she thanked the heavens for blessing her with such a man like him.

Jacob had soon finished trimming E

of it yourself."

Then she blushed madly as he led her hand on the tent forming inside his pant. Jacob asked, "How can I put up with this?"

Emily withdrew her hand in shock. Her face was turning in different shades of red, speechless.

Jacob directly pressed her down and kissed her. Feeling that she wanted to struggle, he suddenly bit her lips. He begged, "Just a kiss, please? I promise I'll only kiss you and hug you."

"I don't believe you," answered Emily. She knew men would say and do anything to get sex in return.

However, Jacob kept his promise this time.

He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips on hers. Then he moved them on her cheek, jaw, neck, and every other part of her body. Emily moaned and tried to stop his kisses but he refused to do so.

Jacob felt frustrated. He felt like he was a beast being deprived of his prey.

Emily sighed in defeat. She decided to relieve him by using her hand. She nervously unzipped his pants, pulled them down, and his hard-on sprung out as if to say hello. Jacob let out a small moan as he felt her warm hand wrap around his member.

Then she started moving her hand up and down slowly, gradually quickening the pace. She didn't expect jerking him off would be this difficult!

A surge of pleasure was felt by Jacob but he was still unsatisfied.

Emily's arm and hand felt tired, clueless on how to satiate him with her tiny hands.

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