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   Chapter 276 You Are So Cute

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Ever since Emily was taken away by Mr. Gu's men, Jacob had been greatly concerned about her safety. He didn't let her go back to work. He also took her wherever he went.

As a result, Emily followed him in and out of the Gu Consortium. They were inseparable and all of the staff thought that they were married.

"Jacob, I'm not a kid anymore. Why should I be following you every goddamn time?" Emily sat by the extra desk in Jacob's office. She scowled as she put one hand under her chin. "Stop treating me as if I'm still in kindergarten."

Jacob grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. "Please understand me this time, okay? I wanted to be with you all the time."

"How old are you again? Only children need adult supervision," Emily's pout turned into a teasing smile.

Jacob dramatically spoke, "I really want to see you by my side. If I don't, I won't be able to function. If I won't be able to function, I won't be able to work. If I won't be able to work, then business is going to crash!"

Emily couldn't help but laugh, "You're quite a drama queen, aren't you?"

"I'm not exaggerating. It's how I really feel," Jacob spoke, putting a hand on his chest. These past few days, Jacob had a strange hunch that something might happen to Emily. That was why he kept her by his side to keep her safe.

Emily smiled. She perfectly understood how Jacob was being overprotective towards her so she decided to compromise with his wishes. "Very well then. I'll keep you company."

'Just in time! Maybe I can take this chance and really relax for a while, ' Emily thought optimistically.

Jacob decided to set a few rules, "You can use the computer but only for one hour. If you use it more than an hour, it's going to strain your eyes."

"Okay, okay. I heard it loud and clear. No need to nag," Emily replied, scratching her temple, giving a helpless smile.

"Are you getting sick of me? Sorry for being such a nagger. I am just worried about you and the child. Can't you see it?" Jacob said with puppy eyes as he reached out to squish her cheeks. "Hey, your face. It has gotten rounder and fluffier."

Emily's eyes widened, "Oh my gosh! Have I gotten fat!?"

"Well, let me check..." Jacob put his large hands on her white delicate cheeks and kneaded them like dough. On the other hand, Emily glared at him, not amused. "No, you are not fat. I mean, it's just getting round." He finally let go of her face.

Emily decided to play along and pretended

g with the computer again and then watching over Jacob. She gave a soft yawn and tried to fight off the drowsiness she was feeling.

Before she knew it, she gradually fell asleep.

When Jacob noticed that she fell asleep, he decided to carry her on the sofa and laid her down there. Then he pulled up a blanket on her so she would not catch a cold.

There wasn't much work for him to do but he decided to be productive and finish everything that was due next week so he could spend his time-off with Emily.

Jacob knew that he couldn't keep her in his office for too long.

Jacob's work lasted until evening. The employees went off from work one by one. However, Emily was still asleep soundly. She had been sleeping heavily due to her pregnancy.

While she slept, she felt a hand caressing her face. She saw Jacob's handsome face when she woke up. Then he gave a teasing grin, "Are you awake now, you lazy little piggy?" Jacob approached her ear, as he chuckled and kissed her on her cheek then her red lips, "Are you feeling hungry?"

"I'm not hungry," Emily answered, shaking her head.

"Since you're not hungry, let's do something else..." Jacob whispered huskily and kissed her ear. She felt a surge of pleasure trickling down her body.

"Hmm... what else should we do?" Emily put her hands to push him away, causing her to be blushing profusely. "I am pregnant right now so we can't do that!"

"I was going to say...let's just cut your nails! What have you been thinking, huh?" Jacob laughed out loud as he opened his right hand. He took out a nail clipper from his chest pocket, and said, "Sit down. Let me cut your nails."

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