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   Chapter 275 You're So Stupid

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"J-Jacob!?" Jennifer gasped. She felt her spirit rise up as she remained in Jacob's arms. She tried to hide her happiness and gave a doubtful look, "Won't Miss Emily get jealous?"

Jacob paused then shrugged, "She trusts me."

Emily nodded, "Yeah. It's no big deal. Let's go." She tried to keep her jealousy in check as she gave a concerned smile, "You're injured so it's best if Jacob carries you to the car."

Jacob felt something was off with Emily and quickened his steps so he could put Jennifer down quickly.

He only planned to take Emily to the hospital for her regular check-ups. Bringing Jennifer along wasn't part of his plan at all!

Besides, Jacob only treated her as his sibling. There was no way for them to flirt with each other!

Jacob had forgotten that women had an tendency to say "yes" when it meant the opposite. That was what Emily felt right now, but she decided not to show her true feelings.

Once they had arrived at the hospital, Jennifer expected Jacob would carry her again but he didn't. Jacob asked the nurse to put her on a wheelchair. She felt a pang of disappointment as she clicked her tongue.

Jacob didn't care much about Jennifer as he only wanted to take Emily to do her regular check-ups. He finally felt relieved when he knew that Emily's physical condition was in good shape.

However, he noticed that Emily didn't utter a single word to him the whole time.

Surely there was something wrong!

"What's the problem? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" he asked. He looked at Emily, trying to think of a topic. He tried to talk to her about the weather, the news, anything she might be interested with.

Emily simply shook her head, "No. Nothing is bothering me."

Then he asked, "Is something disturbing you?"

"No," Emily answered coldly.

"You're lying," Jacob concluded, giving her nose a boop. As he was about to open his mouth to explain, Jennifer entered on a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse.

"Are you done?" asked Jennifer.

Emily raised her head and gave a sweet smile despite how sad she was inside, "Yes. How is your ankle?"

Since Jennifer was pretending to act innocent in front of her face, Emily decided to go along with her game and see who would fail first.


ging me now."

"Ugh," Emily was speechless and stuck her tongue out like a child. She got so annoyed yet happy at the same time that she gave his shoulder a light bite. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry! Just stay in my arms, please?" Jacob chuckled.

He didn't hail for a taxi. He just carried Emily and walked out of the hospital, catching a lot of attention from other people.

Some people stared at them in awe and confusion. Some of them even took a photo of them using their smartphones!

Jacob flashed a smile at the people taking their photos. "Hey, mind uploading that later?" he called out with a smile.

Emily felt so embarrassed that she buried her head into Jacob's chest. How could he act so childish?

"Embarrassed?" said Jacob. Jacob snickered then his face turned serious, "From now on, you have to stay away from the Gu family."

"Eh? Why?" Emily didn't understand what he meant. Why didn't he want her to talk to anybody from the Gu family? But if Emily wanted to be with him forever, sooner or later, she had to socialize with the Gu family.

Jacob replied simply, "There aren't good people in the Gu family."

Emily looked at Jacob and asked, "Then what about you?"

"I'm not a good person either, Emily. And more importantly, I'm not one the them," answered Jacob as he shook his head gently.

Emily finally realized that the relationship between Jacob and the Gu family was far from simple.

She felt that the only thing she could do was not to be a burden to him.

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