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   Chapter 273 Many Women Want to Marry Him

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7759

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Jennifer was quite relaxed and made some tea for Emily and herself. She boiled some water and in a blink, the tea was hot and ready. Then Jennifer sat in front of Emily, "Jacob used to like my tea a lot. Miss Emily, please try some," urged Jennifer.

"No, thanks," answered Emily. Mr. Gu did not invite Emily for a cup of tea. They both knew that.

Out of thin air, Jennifer started laughing, "Oh, I'm so sorry Miss Emily! I forgot you can't drink tea in your current condition. What a pity!"

It was an apology but actually, it sounded rather ironical.

Emily's face darkened, 'She knows about the baby too? Damn. How many people on earth?' But either way, she just smiled back and said, "Actually I don't like tea, so don't feel pity for me."

"Yes, of course," answered Jennifer after recovering her composure. Jennifer rubbed the cup in her hands to check if it was chill enough to drink, then took a sip. Her eyes were staring at Emily. Then she moved on speaking, "Let's make this point straight, Miss Emily. Mr. Gu invited you here because I asked him to do so. You are here for me. I hope you don't mind, do you?"

"So, you saw me now. Do you need anything else?"

"You are not as I imagined you were my dear. I dare say you are quite interesting," said Jennifer with a piercing look.

"I would've never imagined I was so important for you, Miss Jennifer," answered Emily ironically.

"Well, yes. You are very peculiar, Miss Emily." Jennifer placed her cup just in front of Emily, "Either way, one can be interesting in many ways my dear... but not all of them are something to be proud of."

Emily stayed impassive, "Then I will be the kind of interesting that Jacob wants."

Those words hit Jennifer like some bullets piercing through her heart.

She needed a couple of minutes to smooth down the anger and go back, "Do you love him? You can't pretend love. You have to cultivate it and keep it safe."

Emily stared at her, saying nothing.

Jennifer continued, "Miss Emily, Jacob is mine. We will marry and there is nothing you can do about it. You got your chance but you threw it away."

"I'm not surprised to hear that you are just one of those girls who desperately wants to marry him," Emily replied calmly. She stared back at Jennifer coldly.

Jennifer smirked and said, "Bu

Jacob... Finally you arrived, ' thought Emily.

Jacob was attending a business meeting and read Emily's message some hours late. When he looked at his phone he rushed to the Gu's Mansion.

He was worried that Mr. Gu was up to no good with Emily.

When he arrived, he was relieved to see that Emily was okay and apparently talking friendly with Jennifer.

But still, he checked Emily from head to toe to see if she had something out of place. When he made sure she was fine he could finally have a seat lighthearted.

"Why did you come to see him? Who took you here? Don't just follow a stranger!" asked Jacob to Emily.

Emily spoke much more easily now. She felt that all the tension she had accumulated with Jennifer was finally evaporating. "Mr. Gu is not a stranger. He is your..."

Jacob interrupted her abruptly, "In the future, you will never go to a place you don't know for a person you have never meet, understand? I was really worried!"

"Come on Jacob. Relax. It's not that serious..." Emily murmured.

"Promise me," Jacob pushed.

With a low and gentle voice, Emily agreed and Jacob smiled as if to thank her.

Then he rubbed delicately her hair with his right hand. If Jennifer wasn't here to see, now he would have hugged and kissed Emily already. Maybe a little tougher than usual, as to remind her of staying away from trouble.

Jacob knew that Mr. Gu was not well known for his kindness and mercy. Emily didn't understand at that time in what risks she was incurring into.

Luckily, it was a false alarm.

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